What Is CBD for Dogs & What are The Benefits – Quick Review

If you haven’t heard about the benefits of cannabidiol for your dog yet, you are going to love reading this article!

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural cannabinoid (compound) found on the cannabis plant. Not only is this a helpful supplement for your people, but it is incredible for dogs as well.
Believe it or not, both humans and people have found CBD to be equally as useful as a medication or dietary supplement!

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What is CBD?

As I quickly explained before, CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Unlike the well-known cannabinoid THC, CBD does not contain psychoactive effects.

Due to this, CBD is legal throughout the United States for human (and dog) use!
CBD has become increasingly popular over the last couple years as it is an entirely natural solution to many different health issues.

Although research is still pending to officially “prove” many of the medicinal benefits of CBD products, anecdotal reports are plentiful!

CBD Product for dogs

What are Some of the Benefits of CBD Products?

Although more benefits of CBD products are being discovered constantly, many benefits have been consistently noted.

One of the most prominent uses for CBD products is that they help to manage chronic pain better than common “pain medications” such as NSAIDs and even opioids!

This is an important benefit because many pets suffer from joint pain as they age, and CBD is a natural solution to help them stay active for years to come! Most people would be against having their dog on a laundry-list of medication for joint issues, but CBD products solve this issue very well!

Another benefit of CBD products is that they fight inflammation throughout the body, whether it is in humans or dogs.

Over time, this can help with numerous health issues! Many health issues are caused by an overabundance of inflammation throughout the body, which is why NSAIDs are such a popular drug for humans.

Dogs deal with these same issues, even though they can’t say it! CBD products are an excellent way to help your dog stay youthful and active and can even be used in “preventative” situations.
Another commonly noted benefit of CBD products is that they are excellent for dealing with stress and anxiety. Although you may believe that this is only an issue for humans, “separation anxiety” is a big problem for many dogs!

If you believe that it is overly difficult for your dog to deal with the time you are away at work, or you will be leaving them for in a kennel for a few days while you go on a trip, CBD products can be an enormous help.

Separation anxiety strains some dogs much more than others, and CBD is a reliable natural answer to this issue!

CBD Products for dogs 2

Concluding Thoughts on CBD Products for Dogs!

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CBD products work just as well for animals as they do for people, and more research is unfolding to show this each year.

In fact, the main difference in CBD oil for dogs or CBD oil for humans is dosage! Dogs simply require less of the cannabinoid itself to be effective, but nothing else needs to be changed.
Many brands who make CBD products for humans are beginning to make products for dogs as well, and they come in very convenient treats and snacks.

Dogs can use traditional “CBD oil” just as easily, but often they love the taste of the treats even more!

If your dog is dealing with any of the issues listed above, don’t be afraid to try the safe and natural substance cannabidiol for their health!