Is Scrambled Egg Good For Dogs? (Including Health Benefits)

It can be hard to find quick and tasty treats for your pup – especially when you want to give them something special from your plate at breakfast. So, what about eggs? Is a little helping of your morning scrambled eggs a good choice for your pup?

Nutritious, delicious, scrambled egg is one of the best treats to give your dog. They can help to settle an upset stomach and are a great source of protein for growing pups. Is a boiled egg a slightly more beneficial way to serve it? Yes, but scrambled is still a fantastic option. 

Scrambled eggs are packed with good nutrients that your dog needs to thrive, and they can have it regularly as part of their meals each day. Eggs contain high levels of protein, vitamins, and fatty acids – all of which promote a strong immune system and shiny coat. 

Benefits of Giving Scrambled Egg to Your Dog 

There are a few great benefits to giving your dog scrambled eggs. Eggs are packed with protein for starters, which helps keep their energy levels up and strengthens their muscles. It is also rich in fatty acids and amino acids, which are vital for good health. 

Furthermore, eggs contain loads of good vitamins, such as vitamin A and B12, as well as folate, iron, selenium, and riboflavin. These provide a whole range of health benefits for your pup, including better skin and coat as well as stronger teeth and bones. 

They are also a very digestible protein, providing a gentle touch to their digestive system to avoid upset stomachs. Just make sure you only feed them COOKED eggs as raw ones can cause biotin deficiencies – commonly seen in large breeds that grow too fast. 

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How Often Can I Give My Dog Scrambled Eggs? 

Being safe is better than being sorry, which is why we would recommend sticking to that classic 10% rule. This means that only 10% of your dog’s diet is made up of treats outside of their main meals. The scrambled egg has GREAT health benefits, just don’t go overboard. 

This also means your dog can enjoy scrambled eggs every day, just make sure you add a little to their meal for those extra nutrients. 

If you’re basing your dog’s intake on calories, then a standard medium egg contains around 70 calories. The 10% rule applies to calories as well as quantities, so just make sure the egg count doesn’t pass that percentage.

Possible Side Effects of Scrambled Eggs

You’re only at risk of side effects from scrambled eggs if your dog is allergic or the eggs they ate have salmonella. Now, we’ll get into the allergies in the next section – let’s quickly touch on the salmonella aspect. 

Salmonella poisoning sucks, and it’s not nice for your dog either, but it should be noted that your pup can still pass it onto you. So, if your dog has it you need to make sure you keep washing your hands and disinfecting surfaces. 

While salmonella is pretty rare in the UK, it still happens and you’ll want to keep an eye out for it. The symptoms that you might see in your dog are:

  • Fever
  • Diarrhoea
  • Loss of appetite 
  • Lethargy
  • Vomiting

While salmonella does tend to pass on its own, it can become a serious form of food poisoning. If your dog isn’t looking brighter after a couple of days or they starts going downhill quickly, you need to give the vet a call and take them in immediately.

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What About Egg Allergies?

Egg allergies are actually one of the most common found in dogs. Interestingly, it is a genetic problem and you will find that if your dog is allergic to one thing they are bound to be allergic to several. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take them to the vet for an allergy test! 

Your dog can be allergic to the whole egg, just the yolk, or just the white. It is RARE for this allergy to prove fatal, but it is incredibly uncomfortable for your dog to experience. 

Here are the key symptoms of egg and egg yolk allergies you should look out for: 

  • Bald patches
  • Vomiting and diarrhoea 
  • Chronic ear infections
  • Chronic gas
  • Chronically inflamed feet
  • Coughing
  • Face rubbing
  • Hives
  • Obsessive licking

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is scrambled egg good for dogs with diarrhoea? 

Absolutely, scrambled eggs are great for dogs with diarrhoea. It is a bland food that helps to settle the stomach, much like the recommended diet of chicken and rice for dogs with digestive distress. This is because they are easy to digest and gentle on their system. 

If your dog is suffering from diarrhoea then take a look at our post all about what you can give your dog to stop diarrhoea. 

How much-scrambled egg for puppies?

The amount of scrambled egg you feed your puppy depends on that classic 10% rule – treats should make up no more than 10% of a dog’s diet. One egg is usually enough, although large and giant breeds may be able to handle two or three. It’s on a case by case basis. 

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Final Thoughts 

Eggs. The delicious friend of the dog. If your dog enjoys a crunchy snack, you can even give it to them with the shell on for a little more nutrition. Scrambled, boiled, poached, you can feed your dog this tasty treat without worrying about any adverse reactions to their health. 

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