Dog Grooming Guides

All Dogs love to look their best right?

Whilst most dogs don’t care if they have the latest hairstyle, it’s important to keep them fresh, clean and trimmed to avoid any health issues that CAN arise through lack of doggie-personal-care.

Our experts have created various guides to help you choose the right equipment so you can meet your pooch’s needs.

We hope these helpful product round-up guides will have your pooch some swagger😙

  • Grooming Around Your Dogs Face & Eyes (Everything you need to know)
    It can be stressful to trim the hair on your dog’s face and around their eyes. You don’t want to hurt them, and wiggly pups are always a cause for concern. If you can keep a firm grip on your dog and hold him still for long enough, this isn’t a hard job. Trimming around … Read more
  • Dog Grooming Cost – What is the Average UK Price? (For Any Breed)
    Keeping your dog looking its best is an essential part of being a dog owner and caring for your furry friend. While some dog owners may choose to do the grooming themselves, others may prefer to leave it to the professionals. But how much does professional dog grooming cost in the UK? The typical cost … Read more
  • 12 Easy Ways to Keep Your Dogs Coat Shiny and Soft (No 5 will Suprise You)
    Keeping your dog healthy and happy is an essential aspect of being a pet owner. This entails giving your dog enough exercise, feeding him high-quality food, playing, cuddling him, and maintaining his coat. After all, just looking at a dog’s coat can be an indicator of its current state of health. A dog’s coat can … Read more
  • How do Groomers Keep their Dogs Still (According to Professionals)
    It’s no secret that dogs can be fidgety during a grooming session. In fact, many pet owners dread taking their furry friends in for trim because of the inevitable struggle to keep them still. But according to professional groomers, there are ways to keep dogs calm and still during a dog’s grooming session – and … Read more
  • Plucking & Grooming Your Dog’s Ear Hair (Is It Necessary?)
    Dogs have fluffy ears, that’s just a standard fact. It serves an important purpose – helping trap dirt and debris, keeping it from getting further into the ear canal. However, this hair can also become matted and tangled, which can lead to discomfort for your dog and even cause an ear infection. That’s why many … Read more
  • Dog Clipper FAQ Guide – Everything You Need to Know
    Dogs are one of the most common household pets and, as such, many people like to groom them at home. Grooming requires the use of the appropriate equipment, and dog clippers are a MUST. Aside from scissors, clippers allow you to trim your dog’s coat at a precise length with greater efficiency, and because the … Read more
  • How to Make your Dog Smell Nice Without a Bath or Shampoo (Groomers Tips)
    Dogs love to roll around in the dirt (and anything that remotely resembles dirt), but unfortunately, this can often lead to an unpleasant smell. It can be time-consuming and frustrating to constantly bathe your dog only to have them roll in the mud the next day! But how can you make your dog smell nice … Read more
  • No Dog Shampoo? 8 Effective Alternatives to Safely Use
    If you’re like most dog owners, then you know that it’s important to keep your furry friend clean and free from parasites. But what do you do if you run out of dog shampoo? There are many different natural alternatives you can use to shampoo your dog instead of commercial dog shampoo, such as baking … Read more
  • Best Dog Clippers for Home & Professional Use
    Grooming is an essential part of being a dog owner, and there are plenty of reasons to do it. Some dogs can’t regulate their temperature in the summer, some get really shaggy and need a trim to stay tidy, and sometimes we do it because they look great afterwards. A good pair of dog clippers … Read more
  • Can You Use Human Clippers on Your Dog? (Is It Safe)
    Dogs need haircuts just like humans do, and most people don’t know if it’s safe to use human clippers on their dogs. So can you use human clippers on dogs? In general, it is safe to use human clippers on your dog as long as you are gentle and take your time. Make sure the … Read more
  • Can You Declaw A Dog? (and is it even Iegal?)
    In the UK, declawing isn’t really a thing anymore. For cats and dogs alike, it has been realised that it’s a damaging procedure that doesn’t benefit the animal at all – only the people that own them. Therefore, unless you are in the USA, you’re likely to find it’s illegal.  You can declaw a dog. … Read more
  • Choosing the Best Dog Grooming Brushes & Their Uses
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  • Best Dog Grooming Table for Home & Professional Use
    Grooming our dogs is an essential part of caring for them. It keeps their coats healthy and shiny, but also prevents painful matting.  Not to mention it can be an incredibly relaxing experience for both of you. Whether you are starting your own dog grooming business or just want to pamper your pooches at home, a … Read more
  • Discover the Best Dog Shampoo: Dog Shampoo Reviews
    While you don’t necessarily need to wash your dog on a regular basis, it’s always good to have stock of good shampoo so that you are prepared for when they inevitably roll in something unpleasant.After all, there is nothing worse than being left with the lingering odour that comes with a lack of shampoo. To help … Read more
  • Keep Your Dog Smelling Fresh: Top 5 Soaps and Baths for Dogs
    Bath time. Owners and dogs alike dread the moment it comes – dogs because they often hate being scrubbed, and humans because they know it is going to be a struggle. Despite their protests, we know that sometimes our dogs need a good scrub, and often it’s because they are filthy or have started to … Read more
  • Splish Splash Your Dog Was Taking a Bath: Dog Bath Reviews
    It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, your dog will find a way to get covered in mud, and after all the eye rolling and head shaking, they are going to need a good wash. Even if they don’t get mucky, it is important to wash their feet after a walk – especially … Read more
  • How Often Should You Wash Your Dog?: Doggy Maintenance
    As a dog owner washing your dog is either one of two things – an absolute pleasure, or a total nightmare. Dogs either love or hate bath time, but for many, there will be need of one at some point. Of course, it can be difficult to determine how often you should wash your dog, … Read more
  • Best Dog Toothpaste: Top Dog Toothpaste Buying Review UK
    Most dogs will suffer from bad breath and gum disease at some point in their lives. Often, we forget that their oral hygiene is just as important as ours. If they don’t have bones and other teeth-cleaning treats to munch on, it can become an even more urgent issue. There is nothing wrong with brushing your … Read more