Best Dog Food To Gain Weight And Muscle

Underweight, malnourished, rescued from a bad home, there are many reasons why a dog might need to bulk up and put on some weight.

For situations like this, finding the right dog food is absolutely essential. But is it really as simple as getting them on something new?


Well, you do need to make sure that you are undertaking the weight and muscle gaining process safely – but we are here to help with that. The best dog food to gain weight and muscle is right here, alongside all the information you need to get your dog back to their healthy selves. 

1. Editors Pick

2. Budget Pick

Key Things to Look for

Don’t scroll past! This is one of the most important sections in this guide because it helps you to better understand what you are looking for and why. After all, you want to provide your pup with a meal that will help them bulk up but also keep them nourished. 

Age. It’s common for people to feed older dogs puppy food when they need to gain weight, but in reality you could be causing them more harm than good. Puppy food is rich in nutrients that older dogs don’t need as much of and the high fat content can lead to pancreatitis over time. 

Keeping their dog food age-appropriate while focusing on the extra ingredients they need is the best way forward for their health. There are loads of adult and senior dog foods for weight gain. 

Calories. You don’t want a high fat content because this can lead to serious health issues, but you do want a dog food that is high in calories. This will help them to put on weight without causing fatty deposits to form internally or externally. 

Protein. More protein is excellent, especially for building muscle as they gain weight and start to get back to a healthy size. It provides them with extra energy and helps to strengthen existing muscle so that it can be built on further. 

Avoid Homemade. While there are loads of great recipes out there to help your dog pack on the pounds, you run the risk of feeding them something that lacks nutritional balance. This can lead to additional health problems that simply aren’t worth the hassle in the long run. 

High Calorie Treats. One of the main causes of canine obesity is fatty treats, and adding a few of these to your underweight dog’s diet can do wonders. Use them as part of training or walks so that they are still working for them and don’t become too reliant on this tasty snack.

1. AATU Tinned Chickenl

Editor’s Pick

This delicious wet dog food isn’t just enticing for your pup but also ideal if they are underweight and need to pack on the pounds. Nutritionally balanced, it gives your dog everything they need to thrive while also containing high levels of protein to help them build muscle and gain weight. 

It contains 11% protein as well as 6% fat and 2.5% ash. The calorie content is higher than most, ideal for weight gain as well as pups that you know will continue to be active once they are back in peak condition. Additionally, it is rich in omega 3 and 6 for a healthy coat and immune system.

Key Ingredients: Chicken, Sweet Potato, Carrots, Lucerne, Peas
Texture: Wet
Type: High-protein
Life Stage: Adult/Senior
Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This is fantastic high calorie dog food for those who need to put weight and muscle on due to its superior protein content.

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2. Autarky Chicken Dinner

Budget Pick

This crunchy kibble isn’t just affordable, but also great for your dog’s health. Made for working dogs, it has a higher calorie content that will help underweight pups get back into shape. It is also hypoallergenic, making it gentle on the skin and digestive systems of sensitive canines. 

This high calorie dog food contains 22% protein as well as 12% fat and 6.5% ash, an excellent balance that keeps this dog food nutritionally sound. The protein will help them to build muscle, and the fat content is perfect for trying to avoid ill health. Furthermore, there is nothing artificial added.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize, Chicken meal, Chicken fat, Full-fat linseed, Prairie meal
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Hypoallergenic
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For:  Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Yes, you should buy this dog food for weight gain. It’s a great kibble that will help your pup put on weight while also remaining gentle on your budget.

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3. CRAVE Lamb & Beef Wet

Best Wet Food for Weight Gain

This wet dog food was made for active dogs, with a high-calorie content that is perfect for pups that need to put on weight and get back to a healthy shape. At the same time, it remains nutritionally balanced to keep them in excellent condition and they are getting enough nutrients in their diet. 

It has a great protein content at 10.5% as well as 9% fat and 2% ash. The high levels of protein are there to help them build muscle and become stronger. It is also free from grains to help dogs who have sensitive digestion systems as well as being free from dairy and soya.

  • Key Ingredients: Beef, Lamb, Pork, Sunflower Oil Minerals, Beef Broth Concentrate
  • Texture: Wet
  • Type: High-protein, Grain-free
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a great purchase to make. It’s a wet dog food for weight gain that doesn’t just taste great to your dog, it also helps them build strong and healthy muscles thanks to the high protein content.

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4. The Hunger of the Wolf

Best Natural Food for Weight Gain

This kibble has a great calorie content, with high numbers that are ideal for both working dogs as well as those who desperately need to put weight on. Made with natural ingredients, you can rest easy knowing that your dog is getting all the nutrients they need with no added nasties. 

It contains 32% protein and 21% fat as well as 7% ash, offering masses of protein to help repair and rebuild muscles. Gentle on the digestive system, this dog food for weight gain is free from grains and common allergens to help dogs who have allergies or sensitive stomachs have an easier time eating.

  • Key Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Natural
  • Life Stage: Adults
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a great choice. While it is a little high in fat, it’s perfect for dogs who are not only severely underweight but will also continue to lead an extremely active lifestyle once they are back in shape.

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5. Skinners Field & Trial Working 23

For Working Dogs

This kibble is delicious and crunchy, and your dog is sure to see it as the best part of the day. Designed for working dogs, it contains loads of calories to give your dog energy and help them put on weight so that they can get into shape and reach a healthy size. 

It contains 23% protein, 10% fat and 8.5% ash. It’s packed with essential vitamins and minerals to keep your dog strong as well as boosting their immune system. Whether you need it purely to help them put weight on or your dog will start working once they are healthy, it’s a great diet.

  • Key Ingredients: Whole wheat, beef meat meal, maize, maize gluten, rice
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Working dogs
  • Life Stage:  Adult
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This is a fantastic dog food for working dogs, as well as those who need to put weight on and gain some extra muscle. It’s sure to make a noticeable change to your dog’s fitness and appearance.

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6. AATU Free Run Duck

Best for Muscle Growth

This kibble is packed with quality meat and specially baked so that all the goodness is locked inside. The high-calorie count is perfect for dogs who need to pack on the pounds and get back to a healthy weight, but the dog food also remains nutritionally sound and perfectly balanced. 

This particular kidney has 33% protein alongside 19% fat and 3% ash. The protein levels are nice and high to help your dog build muscle and become stronger, which is especially good if they have suffered from a form of muscle wastage. It also helps to give them more energy.

  • Key Ingredients: Duck, Sweet Potato, Chickpeas, Peas, Lucerne
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: High-Protein
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This dog food for weight gain is made from natural ingredients and designed to help your dog build muscle as well as put on weight.

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7. Arkwrights Working Dog

Best Low Fat Choice

This dry kibble is all about slow-release energy helping your dog to achieve a better balance in their diet while also providing plenty of calories to help them gain weight over time. As it is low in fat, you also don’t run the risk of further health issues associated with a fatty diet. 

It has good protein levels of 20% as well as 10% fat and 3.5% ash. The protein is there to help them build muscle, and the balance of ingredients provides your pup with a healthy diet overall. Additionally, it has been designed to help with oral care to keep teeth clean and shiny.

  • Key Ingredients: Cereals, meat and animal derivatives, oils and fats, minerals.
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Low-fat
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This is a great dog food for weight gain as well as fairly affordable. For underweight dogs who need a combination of high calories and lower fat, it’s the perfect combination.

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8. Beco Eco-Conscious Food Free Range Turkey

Best Puppy Pick

This kibble makes for a delicious meal that your puppy is sure to love. It’s packed with essential nutrients to keep them healthy, including pumpkin for strong joints and a good immune system. Additionally, it has a great fat an calorie count that will help them get chunky if they are thin. 

It contains 28% protein as well as 17.5% fat and 7% ash. The protein content is ideal for building strong muscles that can support your dog throughout their young life and prepare them for adulthood. It’s also completely natural and made to be gentle on sensitive digestive systems. 

  • Key Ingredients: Freshly Prepared Turkey, Freshly Prepared Turkey Fat, Potato, Peas, Field Beans
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Natural, Hypoallergenic
  • Life Stage: Puppy
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This puppy food is made from natural ingredients and will help your little friend to thrive. It ensures they put on weight and have the energy to grow into a happy and healthy dog.

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9. Buddy & Lola Dog Weight Gainer Supplement

Best Weight Gain Supplement

This weight gainer supplement has been specially designed to help underweight dogs pack on the pounds but also to ensure that they build strong and healthy muscles. It can be added to dog food or mixed in with treats to ensure they get their daily dose. Plus, it’s made in England. 

It’s high in calories to ensure they get a good boost of energy and to increase weight gain, but it also remains nutritionally balanced so that it can be used as part of a healthy diet. It also has the advantage of improving skin conditions and is a great option for even the fussiest eaters.

  • Key Ingredients: Vegetable Powder, Soy Protein, Flax Seed, Coconut milk Powder, Pumpkin Powder
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Supplement
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Weight and muscle gain

Should You Buy it?

Yes, a supplement can be a great way to help your dog get back on track without needing to completely change their diet. This supplement is ideal for weight gain as well as building muscle.

Sample Buyer Review


Can rice help a dog gain weight?

Yes, rice can help a dog gain weight and carbs are often used to boost weight gain. However, it is best eaten as part of the dog food you purchase as opposed to homemade recipes so that you know they are getting the right nutrients.

What can I feed my senior dog to help them gain weight?

Smaller kibble and wet food is the best option for a skinny senior dog. They often struggle with kibble, especially larger pieces, due to their teeth and wet food is also the perfect way to entice fussy eaters. Thankfully, there are plenty of high calorie wet foods available.

Why do old dogs get so skinny?

Older dogs often become skinny as a result of poor digestion or illness. It is important that you take your senior pup to a vet if you notice weight loss so that you can determine the issue and get them on some delicious food that will help them to regain their strength.

Why has my dog lost muscle mass?

The main reasons for dogs to lose muscle mass is as the result of starvation or illness. Myositis is the most common injury, usually resulting from an infection or autoimmune disease. In many cases, it is possible to strengthen and rebuild the muscles through diet and exercise.

Final Thoughts

Making sure your dog is getting enough calories can feel like a challenge, especially when they are older and fussier. However, we know you’ll find something they won’t turn their noses up at right here – getting that weight back on in a quick and safe manner.

We have selected a fantastic range of dog foods for weight and muscle, two of which really stood out for us. AATU is an excellent choice due to its exceptionally high protein levels and good quality ingredients. Similarly, Autarky provides a nutritious and budget-friendly option. 

What do you think of our guide to the best dog food to gain weight and muscle? Have you found something that gets the pounds on your pup, or are you still struggling to find a solution? We love hearing from you, so leave us a message in the comments below.