6 Pet-Friendly Slug Pellets Without the Nasty Toxic Stuff

It’s time to start gardening without panic. It’s time to go pet-friendly.  Are you TIRED of slugs and snails ruining your vegetables, but you can’t do anything about it without risking the life of your pet? Well, worry no more as we have the PERFECT solution for you right here.  Our team took to the gardens and spent over 40 hours analysing 12 of the leading pet-friendly slug pellets on the market. All of this to make sure that they did what they said on the packet, keeping slugs and snails away without any risks.  Why? Well, you deserve the … Read more


How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water? (Be Careful Of Dehydration)

Water is central to our existence, but also to your dog’s. But how long can your dog go without water?  Your dog can go up to three days without water, but dehydration can have devastating effects on their health and vital organs as well as prove fatal. It impacts every process in their body and if they survive being dehydrated, it can still leave lasting damage.  Let us take you through how to ensure your dog remains happy and hydrated throughout the year.  How Much Water Should Dogs Drink?  Your dog should be drinking approximately 1-2ml of water per kilogram … Read more


How Long Can Dogs Hold On Without Peeing (It Can Be Dangerous)

Even dogs need time to pee, and you should be letting them out in the garden regularly so that they can relieve themselves as well as taking them on regular walks. But, if you have to head out for the day you might be left wondering if you’ll come home to an accident.  A dog can go around 8-10 hours without peeing. That doesn’t mean they should though as regularly holding their pee for a long time can cause kidney and bladder damage. Got a small or young dog? They need to go more often.  Letting your dog out to … Read more


Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? (There Is Reason In The Madness)

Most of us have been there. Strolling through the fields with our dog and BAM, they have a mouthful of poop. Horse, cow, and sheep aren’t so bad – it’s all grass. It’s when they pick up the dog poop that really gets the stomach churning as you chase them screaming “WHY!?” So this leads us to the question….Why do dogs eat poop? Dogs eat poop because they are not being fed enough, they are looking for attention, are scavengers by nature, or for a whole host of possible medical reasons. Whether it’s health or behaviour, there is a reason … Read more

My dog doesn't want to walk

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Walk – What Should I Do?

  It’s that time of day again, and you go to put your dog’s collar and lead on but they don’t want to go. Dogs are supposed to love walks, right? It can be worrying and stressful, leaving you with the question of my dog doesn’t want to walk, what should I do?    Well, the good news is that there is plenty you can do. The reason for your dog not wanting to walk could be a very simple one, or it might be a sign that they need to take a trip to the vet. But before you panic, take a … Read more

8 Best Places to Walk Your Dog In Ireland

Along with their breathtaking beauty and supreme natural majesty, these walks in Ireland are just perfect for your pooch. You can both get your exercise while you enjoy the verdant bounty around you.  As with any ramble through nature, it is important that you protect mother nature by not leaving a trace that you were ever there. Once your walking companion is outfitted with a great lead and you are armed with some treats, it’s time to be off.  Choose one of these eight beautiful walks that feature all the magnificence that natural Ireland has to offer. 1 Gleninchaquin Park, … Read more

security systems for dogs

Can You Have an Alarm System with a Dog? All you Need to Know

Surely! When you have a furry friend with you at home, it is possible to have an alarm system. A home security system can protect both you and your dog. Alarm sensors are made to perceive suspicious movement in your home, particularly when you’re not at home. If these sensors are installed correctly, and intruders activate these alarms, your neighboursand monitoring centre will be notified. However, this process can cause problems forhomeowners when their dogs are left at home and trigger the alarm. The solution here is installing pet-friendly motion sensors. These sensors are designed toignore or disregard the movement … Read more

Dog Looking at the Window

How to Settle & Calm Your Dog When Moving to a New Home?

Moving house with a dog is stressful for everyone, but you know who has the hardest time coping with the whole situation, right?    Canine companion, that’s who.    Dogs rarely react well to sudden change and it’s your responsibility as their owner to do everything possible so the whole relocation experience is as stress-free as possible.    You see, dogs form a tight bond with the environment they inhabit and breaking that connection holds the risk of anxiety.    For example, there are cases of dog separation and dog stress when moving. Yes, you read that right – your … Read more

6 Tips to Create the Most Pet-Friendly Apartment Possible

6 Tips to Create the Most Pet-Friendly Apartment Possible

You and your dog had a great thing going at your home. There was a big, fenced in backyard, and your pet was really into the space and the daily rhythm of the routine. Now, you have been offered a great job in a bigger city, but this will mean apartment living.   You might be moving for college to an affordable apartment in Athens, Georgia with plenty of space for your pet to play; or you may be relocating for work to a tiny flat in London, either way, you may still worry about making your new digs very … Read more