Best Dog Toothpaste Read our Dog Toothpaste Reviews UK

17 Best Dog Toothpaste UK Models

Most dogs will suffer from bad breath and gum disease at some point in their lives. Often, we forget that their oral hygiene is just as important as ours. If they don’t have bones and other teeth-cleaning treats to munch on, it can become an even more urgent issue. There is nothing wrong with brushing your dog’s teeth, and it can often be very beneficial for them. To help you buy the right product and the best deal for your dog, we have put this guide together, showcasing the best dog toothpaste along with the relevant dog toothpaste reviews. Take … Read more

How Does a Dog Tracker Work? (A MUST READ)

The GPS pet tracker is installed in the collar, and it will use this integrated technology to constantly monitor and update its current location. Generally speaking, you can view this information using an app or a web page – depending on the manufacturer of your GPS dog tracker. So, if your dog goes wandering and you can’t find them, you’ll be able to see its current location from your phone so that you can go collect them quickly. Some dog trackers are even connected to pet recovery centres to double your efforts of getting to them quickly. There are other … Read more

Discover The Best GPS Dog Tracker – Never Loose Your Dog Again

We love our dogs. Keeping them safe tends to be at the top of our priority list. Even the most perfectly trained dogs can have an off day where a squirrel or rabbit looks far more appealing than usual. If something happens and our dogs are lost, being able to track them not only helps you find them faster but may also save them from running into busy roads. Using a GPS tracker for dogs will help prevent losing your dog. Below, you will find everything from how they work and the different types, to our top picks to help keep … Read more

Top 5 Indoor Gates to Keep Your Dogs Safe – Review Guide

Best Indoor Dog Gates to Keep Your Dogs Safe: UK Review Guide

Dinner parties, the kitchen, and parties are just some of the places you don’t want your dog to be. It’s not because we don’t love them, but because we know that they are safer when away from burning stoves and tipsy guests. It’s not always easy to shut them away, and closing the door on them can leave everyone feeling sad and disconnected. However, there is another way. Indoor gates are not just great for keeping kids safe, but they can also protect your dog and help you to keep everyone apart without shutting them out from the action. It’s … Read more


6 Pet-Friendly Slug Pellets Without the Nasty Toxic Stuff

It’s time to start gardening without panic. It’s time to go pet-friendly.  Are you TIRED of slugs and snails ruining your vegetables, but you can’t do anything about it without risking the life of your pet? Well, worry no more as we have the PERFECT solution for you right here.  Our team took to the gardens and spent over 40 hours analysing 12 of the leading pet-friendly slug pellets on the market. All of this to make sure that they did what they said on the packet, keeping slugs and snails away without any risks.  Why? Well, you deserve the … Read more


How Long Can A Dog Go Without Water? (Be Careful Of Dehydration)

Water is central to our existence, but also to your dog’s. But how long can your dog go without water?  Your dog can go up to three days without water, but dehydration can have devastating effects on their health and vital organs as well as prove fatal. It impacts every process in their body and if they survive being dehydrated, it can still leave lasting damage.  Let us take you through how to ensure your dog remains happy and hydrated throughout the year.  How Much Water Should Dogs Drink?  Your dog should be drinking approximately 1-2ml of water per kilogram … Read more


How Long Can Dogs Hold On Without Peeing (It Can Be Dangerous)

Even dogs need time to pee, and you should be letting them out in the garden regularly so that they can relieve themselves as well as taking them on regular walks. But, if you have to head out for the day you might be left wondering if you’ll come home to an accident.  A dog can go around 8-10 hours without peeing. That doesn’t mean they should though as regularly holding their pee for a long time can cause kidney and bladder damage. Got a small or young dog? They need to go more often.  Letting your dog out to … Read more


Why Do Dogs Eat Poop? (There Is Reason In The Madness)

Most of us have been there. Strolling through the fields with our dog and BAM, they have a mouthful of poop. Horse, cow, and sheep aren’t so bad – it’s all grass. It’s when they pick up the dog poop that really gets the stomach churning as you chase them screaming “WHY!?” So this leads us to the question….Why do dogs eat poop? Dogs eat poop because they are not being fed enough, they are looking for attention, are scavengers by nature, or for a whole host of possible medical reasons. Whether it’s health or behaviour, there is a reason … Read more

My dog doesn't want to walk

My Dog Doesn’t Want to Walk – What Should I Do?

  It’s that time of day again, and you go to put your dog’s collar and lead on but they don’t want to go. Dogs are supposed to love walks, right? It can be worrying and stressful, leaving you with the question of my dog doesn’t want to walk, what should I do?    Well, the good news is that there is plenty you can do. The reason for your dog not wanting to walk could be a very simple one, or it might be a sign that they need to take a trip to the vet. But before you panic, take a … Read more