Can I Mix Vegetables With Dog Food? (What Are The Benefits)

Dogs aren’t obligate carnivores. In fact, you see dogs and wolves in the wild munching on berries for nourishment during tough hunting seasons. But for your domesticated companion, are the rules the same, can they have fruit and veg too?  You can mix vegetables with dog food. Veggies are good for their health, digestion, and immune system, and can also help them to lose a few extra pounds. As long as you are keeping their diet balanced, there is no harm in adding a few crunchy treats. If you’re looking to start giving your dog some of nature’s candy, check … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Nectarines? (Are They Poisonous?)

Juicy and delicious, we enjoy these tasty fruits as a light snack but can we share them with our dog? After all, there are so many fruits and vegetables that they can eat, could nectarines be one of the ones that they should avoid? Dogs can eat nectarines, which is great news if you’re looking to share with them. They are great for canine digestion thanks to the rich dietary fibres and are a brilliant source of vitamins and minerals. However, they should only be fed in moderation. Want to know more about the risks and benefits of nectarines for … Read more


Can You Mix Rice With Dog Food? (White & Brown Rice)

Rice is such an easy food to cook. It goes with pretty much everything, it tastes great, and it brings a whole dish together. But can you give it to your canine companion? Is it safe food for your dog to eat? Is white rice or brown the way to go? So many questions.  You can mix rice with dog food, and white rice is recommended if your dog is suffering from an upset stomach. It is gentle on their digestive system, easy for them to eat, and can help ease the symptoms so that they are more comfortable. But … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Courgette? (Is Raw & Cooked Safe?)

It’s not a cucumber, but you’re close. Courgettes are a staple for many dishes, and why not? They are delicious, crunchy, and full of good nutrients. At least, they are for humans. Can the same be said for your canine companion?  Dogs can eat courgette, and it’s actually really good for them. They are packed with vitamin C, potassium, antioxidants, fibre, and loads of water to keep them hydrated. In fact, there’s pretty much no downsides to giving them this vegetable as a treat.  So, don’t scroll by, check out our detailed guide on how courgette can benefit your dog … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Cat Treats? (What Are The Risk)

Dog food, cat food. Dog treats, cat treats. What’s the big deal and why does it make a difference? After all, they both need the same kind of diet, right? Well, that’s actually where you’re wrong – they have completely different nutritional needs.  Dogs can eat cat treats, but they shouldn’t. While one or two won’t hurt them, a large quantity can cause conditions like pancreatitis because the treats are higher in calories and protein. It could even cause them to suffer from painful bloat, diarrhoea, and gas.  So, it’s best to avoid the cat stuff with your dog. But … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Beetroot? (Pickled Beetroot Included)

Beetroot is one of the best snacks. Crunchy, delicious, and perfect in salads. They are really good for humans, offering plenty of vitamins and minerals to boost our health and keep us going. But can the same be said for our dogs? Are beets a healthy choice for them?  Dogs can eat beetroot. In fact, it can be a healthy and beneficial treat for them to have as it contains vitamin C, fibre, and potassium. You just have to be careful not to give them too much as they contain a lot of sugar and may also cause stomach upsets.  … Read more


Can Bananas Hurt or Even Kill My Dog? (You Will Be Suprised)

Who doesn’t love giving their dog a tasty snack? There are so many great ones out there, it is impossible to resist a tasty table scrap every now and again. The same goes for your morning fruit snack – a little end of banana here and there can’t hurt. Can it?  The great news is that bananas are perfectly safe for your dog to eat, and are actually a great source of fibre to help rumbly tummies as well as key vitamins.  So if you have often wondered if bananas can hurt or even kill your dog, fear not.. Here’s … Read more


What Fruit Is Bad For Dogs? (You’ll be Suprised by No 3)

We all love to give our dog’s a sneaky treat, there’s no denying it. The issue is that it can be hard to know what’s safe. No one wants to be saying “good boy” one second and then racing to the vet the next. But what about fruit, can you give that to your pooch?  What fruit is bad for dogs?  Grapes and raisins can be lethal, as can avocado and unripe tomatoes. Even hedgerow berries are problematic and citrus can cause some seriously upset stomachs. So as you can see there are a few to avoid. It can feel … Read more


Can dogs eat apples with skin? (How Much Is Too Much)

Apples are a delicious treat, both for you and your dog. They are low in calories, offer a satisfying crunch for canine teeth, and are a pretty affordable option if you need something cheap and healthy for them. But can they eat apples with the skin on?  The good news is dogs can eat apples with skin. There is no issue with them munching on an apple peel and enjoying it as part of a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, it’s good for them, and the only part of the apple they should be avoiding is the core.  But … Read more


Is Scrambled Egg Good For Dogs? (Including Health Benefits)

It can be hard to find quick and tasty treats for your pup – especially when you want to give them something special from your plate at breakfast. So, what about eggs? Is a little helping of your morning scrambled eggs a good choice for your pup? Nutritious, delicious, scrambled egg is one of the best treats to give your dog. They can help to settle an upset stomach and are a great source of protein for growing pups. Is a boiled egg a slightly more beneficial way to serve it? Yes, but scrambled is still a fantastic option.  Scrambled … Read more