Discover the Finest Selection of Best Dry Dog Food for Optimal Canine Nutrition

Welcome to my Best Dry Dog Food review for 2023. I spent A LOT of hours researching and testing the most popular dry dog food brands available in the UK. Ranking them based on protein source, carbohydrate content, vitamins and minerals content and cost-effectiveness. These dry foods featured in this review are undoubtedly the best-performing brands of the group. I found you certainly don’t have to spend a fortune to get excellent dry food for your pooch. Choose one of these dry dog foods, and you’ll be guaranteed to provide your pet with a nutritious, high-quality meal that contains all … Read more


Unleashing the Power of Plant-Based: Best Vegan Dog Food

Welcome to my best vegan dog food review for 2023. I spent 14 hours researching and testing the most popular vegan dog foods. Then I ranked them based on plant-based protein quality, carbohydrate quantity, vitamin & mineral content, sustainability and cost-effectiveness. These vegan dog foods are the top picks among dog owners, and the good news is you certainly don’t have to break the bank to get high-quality vegan nutrition for your pup. Choose one of these vegan dog foods, and you’ll get a safe, nutritious meal guaranteed to help keep your pet healthy and happy. Ready to start feeding … Read more

What is the Best Time of Day to Feed your Dog?

What is the Best Time of Day to Feed your Dog? (According To The Experts)

Key Takeaways – Hello, dog lovers! As dog parents, we always aim to keep our four-legged mates happy, healthy, and well-fed. But what time should your dog eat? Feeding is more than just putting kibble in a bowl. It’s about understanding their nutritional needs, age, health, and lifestyle. Why does this matter? Feeding your dog at the right time impacts its health and behaviour. Regular feeding can maintain a healthy weight, support digestion, and promote better behaviour. In this article, we delve into canine nutrition, guided by experts, to uncover optimal feeding times. We’ll explore the best times, the pros … Read more

How Much Wet Food To Feed A Dog

How Much Wet Food To Feed A Dog

Key Takeaways – Hello, fellow dog lovers! If you’re like me, you consider your pooch a part of the family. And just like any family member, we want to ensure they’re getting the best – especially when it comes to their grub. Feeding our four-legged friends isn’t as simple as dolloping a scoop of wet food into their dish and calling it a day. Just like us, their nutritional needs can vary based on factors like age, size, and how often they’re bouncing off the walls, or rather, your new sofa. But fear not; this doesn’t mean you need a … Read more

5 Best Automatic Dog Feeders for Busy Pet Parents

Looking for an automatic dog feeder but not sure where to start because of the array of different types and brands on offer? Not to worry…. In this guide, we focus on the best automatic dog feeders that can offer you a helping hand with feeding your pet when you are BUSY WORKING during the day. We spent nearly 30 hours analysing over 40 popular UK models to find an automatic feeder that suits all price ranges in different designs for both big and small dogs. We also consider models for wet and dry dog food, the size of the … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber Even The Skin

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber? (Even The Skin)

Fruit and veg are HEALTHY for us humans, but can the same be said for our furry friends? In this post, we’ll explore whether cucumbers are safe for dogs to eat, as well as look at the nutritional benefits and possible risks. So can dogs eat cucumber? Cucumbers are not harmful to dogs and provide a crunchy, low-calorie treat that many dogs enjoy. Cucumbers have only 8 calories in each half cup of slices, whereas a single medium Milk-Bone biscuit has 40 calories. Read our guide to explore all the answers to your questions about cucumbers and your dog’s diet. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust Is it Dangerous

Can Dogs Eat Pizza Crust? (Is it Dangerous)

You’ve ordered takeout pizza for supper. You’ve also picked some delectable side dishes. Your eyes, however, we’re way bigger than your stomach (as always). Your dog, on the other hand, is staring at your leftovers. Is it okay to share them? In short – can dogs eat pizza? Including the cust? The answer to this question is both yes and no. While it can be safe to let your dog enjoy a few bites of pizza crust, there are also some risks involved. The pizza crust is often high in salt and other spices that can be harmful to dogs. … Read more

Can Dogs Eat Celery Are Cooked and Raw Safe

Can Dogs Eat Celery? (Are Cooked & Raw Safe)

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of a meal, holding celery in your hand, wondering if your dog would appreciate some of it? Can dogs eat celery? Yes, celery is nutritious and can be fed to your dog. Celery has nutrients that may be beneficial to add to your dog’s diet as a supplement. However, there are a few things you should know before feeding celery to your dog. The first thing to consider is if your dog is allergic to celery. Watch for any itching, swelling, or trouble breathing, which are all signs of an allergic reaction. … Read more

Can Dogs Drink Oat Milk? (Is It Good For Dogs)

There is some debate surrounding oat milk. For some dogs, it can cause upset stomachs, but for those that are able to drink it, there are some great nutritional benefits. So, what’s the truth? Can dogs drink oat milk? Well, the short answer is that oat milk can be a good choice for some dogs, but it should not be their primary source of hydration. It should be used as a treat and the amount they drink should be closely monitored. There are several reasons why oat milk might be a good option for some dogs. It is high in … Read more