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Can You Have an Alarm System with a Dog? All you Need to Know

Surely! When you have a furry friend with you at home, it is possible to have an alarm system. A home security system can protect both you and your dog. Alarm sensors are made to perceive suspicious movement in your home, particularly when you’re not at home.If these sensors are installed correctly, and intruders activate these alarms, your neighboursand monitoring centre will be notified. However, this process can cause problems forhomeowners when their dogs are left at home and trigger the alarm.The solution here is installing pet-friendly motion sensors. These sensors are designed toignore or disregard the movement of an … Read more

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How Much Exercise Does a Border Collie Need?

Intelligent and playful, border collies are incredible companions for those who prefer active lifestyles. If you’re at all familiar with this breed, then you know how energetic these dogs are – and you know how restless they can become when they haven’t been active enough.If you’re a new border collie owner or if you’re thinking about adding one of these amazing dogs to your family, you’ll want to make exercise a priority. The question is, how much activity is enough?  Border collies are a dog with high enery which need lots of excercise. For a healthy adult border collie they … Read more

Dogs That Can be Left Alone: Choosing the Right Dog Breed

Dogs That Can be Left Alone: Choosing the Right Dog Breed

You should never leave your dog home alone for too long. They are social animals, and it is not fair to them. However, there are some breeds that cope with being alone for a chunk of the day better than others.If you are someone who works full time, then looking for dogs that can be left alone is definitely a good option for you.Here are the most low maintenance, independent types of dogs you can buy – 1. Basset Hound2. Chihuahua 3. French Bulldog4. Greyhound5. Maltese6. Shar Pei7. WhippetTake a look at our guide and see if one of these fantastic breeds … Read more


Can Dogs Eat Pork? Is Pork Bad for Dogs? Find Out the Truth

The questions ‘can dogs eat pork’, and ‘is pork bad for dogs’, are two that are very commonly asked.After all, it can be hard to know which items of human food are safe for your dog to eat. As a general rule its safe to feed your dog pork as long as it cooked. Just remember it all depends on wether the pork is cooked or uncooked, plain or seasoned and to which form its in and how much.Before you give your dog pork products, it’s best to check out what is and is not allowed. Take a look at … Read more

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Dogs & Christmas trees? Dog-proof Tips and advice for Safety

Ah, Christmas, the jolliest season for people and dogs alike! It is the time of the year full of family gatherings, joyful presents, tasty feasts, uplifting decorations, and of course, emotional, and confused canines.  While excitement meters go through the roof during Christmas for dogs things can differ. “Dazzled and bewildered” is probably the best way to describe how man’s best friend behaves at this time of year. It’s no secret that we like to spoil both ourselves and those dearest when Christmas time. However, gifts and love are universal and our pet dogs are living proof of that! Pups get to play … Read more

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How to Settle & Calm Your Dog When Moving to a New Home?

Moving house with a dog is stressful for everyone, but you know who has the hardest time coping with the whole situation, right?  Canine companion, that’s who.  Dogs rarely react well to sudden change and it’s your responsibility as their owner to do everything possible so the whole relocation experience is as stress-free as possible.  You see, dogs form a tight bond with the environment they inhabit and breaking that connection holds the risk of anxiety.  For example, there are cases of dog separation and dog stress when moving. Yes, you read that right – your beloved doggie can develop actual mental health issues.  Learn … Read more

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Can Dogs Get Bed Bugs & What Can You Do About It to treat it?

Credit: bug infestations are a topic that most are ashamed to discuss. Having a pest infestation refers to the stigma that you live in a filthy home. Not only is that not true, but you can get bed bugs from the most luxurious hotel that you can imagine. That’s because bed bugs don’t seek filthy places, they just want to feed on fresh blood. And for people with dogs, there’s another thing to worry about – can your dogs get bed bugs?Can Your Dog Get Bed Bugs?The short answer is No, it can’t.  At Dog Owner we know that bed bugs … Read more

History of Boston Terrier

History on Boston Terrier everything you need & want to know.

The Boston Terrier, nicknamed The American Gentleman, is the first dog breed to be developed in America. They were bred specifically to be companion dogs to human beings. However, their ancestors were fighting dogs, including their original type of the rare breed the Olde English Bulldogges. This ancient breed was thought to have been created from crossing the English Bulldog and the long-gone English White Terrier. This is not as crazy as it might first sound. Many breeds of dogs that are vicious to other dogs are very protective and loving to people.  Often, gentleness to people was favored in dog … Read more

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Dog Training Tips with Hand Signals – Training guide

Dog training is important as it resolves your Fido’s common behavioral problems. However, aside from the usual verbal command, you can also teach dog obedience using hand signals.  Training your dogs with hand signals is as easy as verbal commands because dogs are considered excellent in reading body language. Your Fido is a body language communicator, and he can surely understand and sense some movements for him to survive. So, along with proper nutrition, prevention from a dog ear infection or skin allergies, and regular vet check-ups, it is essential that, as a trainer, you know how to teach your dog the essence of … Read more

6 Tips to Create the Most Pet-Friendly Apartment Possible

6 Tips to Create the Most Pet-Friendly Apartment Possible

You and your dog had a great thing going at your home. There was a big, fenced in backyard, and your pet was really into the space and the daily rhythm of the routine. Now, you have been offered a great job in a bigger city, but this will mean apartment living. You might be moving for college to an affordable apartment in Athens, Georgia with plenty of space for your pet to play; or you may be relocating for work to a tiny flat in London, either way, you may still worry about making your new digs very pet-friendly. So, here … Read more