Can Dogs Eat Olives? (Are Black & Green Safe?)

Olives. The perfect topping for a pizza, the final touch to a martini, or a little snack while you lounge on the veranda with friends. They are delicious, and there’s part of you that doesn’t want your pup to miss out on this tasty treat. The question is, can dogs eat olives?

The good news is it’s perfectly safe for your dog to eat olives. This Mediterranean treat is fine in small quantities. However, they do come with some hazards such as an excess of salt and potentially choking on the pit. 

But it’s not all bad, and we would like to take you through all the details of the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to olives and your furry friend. 

Are Olives Safe for Dogs? 

Olives are mostly SAFE for dogs. While they are not toxic on their own, there are some things that you should keep in mind with this tasty fruit (yes, they are a fruit, you can Google it)

The first is that the PIT can be a hazard. Not only does it have the ability to block their airways, but it can also cause an intestinal blockage or crack their teeth. If you are giving your dog an olive, cut it in half first and remove that pesky stone. 

While a plain olive doesn’t really pose a problem if they are canned or pickled the high sodium content can lead to severe dehydration or even prove toxic. Avoid giving them canned or picked olives, go for the fresh and plain ones. 

Similarly, ones that have been prepared in garlic and oil pose health risks due to the toxicity of garlic to dogs. Most Mediterranean style olives will contain garlic, oil, and other potentially harmful ingredients. 

If your olive has been dipped in your drink, DO NOT give the olive to your dog. Alcohol is toxic to them and could lead to them becoming very sick. The only olive your dog should snack on is a plain and pitted one. 

black and green olives

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What Happens When a Dog Eats Olives? 

When your dog eats a plain and unpitted olive, nothing happens except a happy crunch and a wagging tail – for most dogs anyway, some might look at you as though you just offered them a plate of poison. 

However, there are also some potentially good effects that come with your pup chowing down on a little olive treat. 

Offered as a plain snack, they are BENEFICIAL to the health of your dog – full of good fats and proteins that promote healthy skin, muscles, and a boosted immune system. The added protein also helps to increase their energy and keep their joints strong. 

Just be warned that as your dog should already be receiving these good fats and proteins in their diet, too many olives can cause an overload of them which may lead to weight gain as you’re adding unnecessary calories to their diet. 

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Can Dogs Eat Green Olives? 

Your dog can absolutely eat green olives. The only reason they are different to black olives is that they are picked from the tree before they can ripen and become black. They are safe for your dog to eat as long as you follow our advice above.


Can Dogs Eat Black Olives? 

Absolutely, black olives are safe for your dog to eat just like green ones. Just make sure they are completely plain and unsalted so that they don’t risk any adverse effects. As with all olives, straight from the tree and uncured is the best way for your dog to munch on them. 

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Final Thoughts 

There you have it. Olives do actually contain some very beneficial nutrients, although a dog with a balanced diet shouldn’t need it. Yes, there are some risks that come with olive munching, but as long as you are careful and only give them a tiny amount you should be perfectly safe. 

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