Can Dogs Eat Baked Beans? (They’re Not Safe – A MUST read)

Beans on toast, a fresh jacket topped with butter and baked beans. A full English with some cheeky beans on the side – could the British staple get any better? They’re certainly a favourite across the UK, but can your dog have them too? 

Your dog can’t eat baked beans. They are high in fat and sugar, which makes them unhealthy for your dog to eat and can cause them to become very unwell. If they manage to hoover a few up that you dropped, no need to worry, but certainly no more than that. 

Want to know why baked beans are such a bad idea for your pooch? This guide has everything you need to know so that you make the right choices for them. 

Can Dogs Eat Beans?

No, your dogs cannot eat baked beans. If we’re talking general plain beans, that’s a little different as there are some beans that are actually quite good for them. Here are some of the standard beans that your dog might like to munch on:

  • Green beans 
  • Kidney beans
  • Black beans 
  • Butter (lima) beans 

These beans are a good source of natural protein and also have a range of vitamins and minerals that help to maintain good health. However, all beans are quite good at causing flatulence, and so should be fed in very small quantities

Green beans can be fed raw, but all other beans should be cooked before serving. A good example of this is that raw kidney beans are toxic for dogs and can cause vomiting and diarrhoea. However, cooked kidney beans are perfectly safe and have no health risks. 

Broad beans are also toxic to dogs and should be avoided. If you feed your dog broad beans and notice any vomiting or diarrhoea, make sure you call your vet immediately for advice. The same goes if you notice excessive bloating after feeding them too much of any kind of bean.

baked beans in a tin

Can Dogs Eat Heinz Beans?

While Heinz is the UK’s favourite and free from all those artificial nasties, they are NOT a good option to feed your dog for several reasons. The first is that the ingredients list spice extracts and herb extracts. The vagueness of this means you’re taking a huge risk for your pup. 

For one, many herbs and spice extracts contain ingredients such as onion and garlic. These are toxic for dogs and can lead to fatal reactions as a result of the anaemia they cause. You can learn more about the dangers of onion and garlic in our guides here. 

Secondly, Heinz beans (as well as baked beans in general) are high in sugar and salt. These are incredibly bad ingredients for your dog to have – especially in high quantities. They can lead to conditions such as pancreatitis and diabetes as well as weight gain over time. 

Are Baked Beans Harmful?

Yes, baked beans are harmful. Leading on from the brief introduction to Heinz beans in the previous section, there are several reasons why baked beans are a bad idea to give your dog. 

You might be wondering how they can be harmful if your dog has previously managed to get into a tin of baked beans and not become sick. Well, the size of your dog matters – smaller dogs are more likely to react to fewer beans, and so does the amount that they ate. 

Baked beans are high in sugar, a harmful ingredient for dogs because their energy should be coming from the protein in their diet. Too much sugar can lead to hyperactivity, but also more serious conditions like diabetes. It can also cause severe weight gain and obesity over time. 

They also contain a lot of salt, especially for a dog. Too much sodium can cause your dog to become unwell and get an upset stomach. However, it can also cause dehydration in large enough quantities – something that can become dangerous quite quickly. 

You also need to watch out for the fat and saturated fat content. Too much fat in a dog’s diet can cause weight gain as well as put a strain on vital organs such as the pancreas. This can cause pancreatitis, a condition that can become serious if left untreated. We have a guide for the best dog foods for pancreatitis.

Since many are likely to contain garlic and onion in their herb and spice mixes, you also run the risk of them developing anaemia over time. This is what makes onions and garlic so toxic to dogs and why they should be avoided – especially as a portion of regular food. 

Too many beans can lead to flatulence as well as bloat. In dogs, bloat can be quite a serious condition and if you notice any of these symptoms you should call your vet right away:

  • A swollen, hard stomach
  • Abdominal pain
  • Retching
  • Restlessness

There is also the question of the tomato sauce that the beans are in. Now, the tomato fruit isn’t toxic to dogs but the sauce contains other ingredients that could be harmful. This includes the potential risk of garlic and onion powder, something mentioned a little further up. 

However, doggy digestive systems also have a more difficult time processing the herbs and spices that humans love. Therefore, the ingredients in the tomato sauce could cause an upset stomach as your dog has a harder time digesting them

Since the exact herbs and spices used in baked beans are very rarely listed (if ever at all) it makes it incredibly difficult to determine if any of those used in the tomato sauce is safe for them to eat. Therefore, it is best to just stay away from the sauce and the beans. 

sick dog from eating food

Can Baked Beans Kill Dogs?

It’s highly unlikely that baked beans will kill your dog – especially if they have only had a couple or picked up some that have been dropped on the ground. While we don’t want you to panic, you do need to be aware that they can become dangerous quickly. 

For example, if your dog eats a lot of baked beans and becomes bloated you need to treat it as a medical emergency and contact your vet. Bloat can be dangerous in dogs and could prove life-threatening if you leave them untreated. 

Eating baked beans regularly, or in very large quantities in one session, is also likely to cause pancreatitis. While this condition can be treated quite easily, it does become life-threatening if left alone or your dog continues to eat a diet that contains way too much fat. 

It’s best to stay safe and keep your dog away from the baked beans for this reason. While they aren’t likely to die from them the conditions that beans can cause might. 


Do baked beans make dogs fart?

Definitely, baked beans do make dogs fart. Just like humans, they are the magical fruit that makes you toot. Giving your dog baked beans is a surefire way to end up with one very gassy pup. On that fact alone, we wouldn’t recommend feeding baked beans to dogs. 

Do dogs eat black beans? 

Absolutely, dogs eat black beans and they are actually a really good source of vitamins and minerals to support a strong immune system as well as help them to burn fat quickly – ideal for active dogs. They can even help to regulate their blood sugar. 

Final Thoughts

While baked beans are a great meal for humans, they are a bad choice for your dog. Nutritionally, there is nothing for them and they are filled with sugars and fats that are poor for their health. Instead, stick to better beans like black beans if you must give them a beany treat. 

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