Can Dogs Eat Apples with Skin (How Much is To Much)

Apples are a delicious treat, both for you and your dog. They are low in calories, offer a satisfying crunch for canine teeth, and are a pretty affordable option if you need something cheap and healthy for them. But can they eat apples with the skin on them? 

The good news is dogs can eat apples with skin. There is no issue with them munching on an apple peel and enjoying it as part of a healthy and balanced diet. In fact, it’s good for them, and the only part of the apple they should be avoiding is the core. 

But this is just the short answer. If you are interested in why apple peel is good for them and why they should be avoiding the core, we can answer all your questions right here. 

How to Prepare an Apple for Your Dog 

Preparing an apple for your dog is very simple, but not quite as easy as just chucking it for them like a ball. What you will need to do is slice the apple in half or quarters and ensure the core is removed. Once this is done, you can feed them the apple and let them enjoy it. 

But what’s wrong with the core? Well, the core of an apple actually contains trace amounts of cyanide. Before you panic, it’s not enough to kill your dog but it could make them feel pretty sick if they decide to feast on a load of apples. It’s highly unlikely they would eat enough for fatalities. 

The skin is totally safe though, and it is actually home to the highest concentration of pectin in the apple – which is really good for their hearts (as well as yours). Plus, the skin has that lovely crunchy texture that pups just can’t get enough of

What about the rest of the apple? Well, it is equally good for them. The flesh of the apple is rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, pectin, and calcium. It also helps to lower cholesterol and is great for their colon health. It even helps to protect their brain cells from damage for a studious pup. 

pug eating an apple

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How Much Apple Can a Dog Eat? 

A whole apple a day is usually more than enough for the average-sized dog, and smaller ones may benefit from only having one or two slices due to their size. They are also suitable for dogs of all ages, just make sure puppies are over 3-4 months old for their sensitive stomachs. 

Treats should only make up 10% of a dog’s diet, and that includes natural ones like apples. Make sure you feed it to them as part of a balanced diet as the natural sugars in apples can still cause weight gain if fed in large quantities. Check out our guide about if bananas can kill your dog.

apple. cut in half

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Final Thoughts 

Apples are a delicious and nutritious treat that you and your dog can enjoy together. Whether as a quick treat at lunch or something you share during a long walk together. Just remember that treats are part of a balanced diet, and even apples can be fed in excess. 

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