Groom Your Dog Like a Pro – Best Professional Dog Clippers


Many dogs need to be clipped, and it is actually something that many owners don’t think about. Even Labradoodles need regular and thorough grooming in order to stop their coats turning into a matted mess.

Of course, not everyone has the time or money to send their dog to a professional groomer, but with the right tools, there is no reason you can’t do it just as well.

Investing in good quality clippers is the key to success when it comes to grooming your dog, and from there it’s really just common sense combined with a few YouTube videos on dog grooming. Anyone can do it with patience and practice, and we know just the way to get you started – buying your first set of clippers.

There are loads on the market, and so many for you to choose from, that we know you are going to find something perfect for keeping your dog’s coat under control and looking its best at all times.

It’s not easy to know which clippers are going to work for your dog, but we are here to give you a hand with things. In order to help you find where to buy the best professional dog clippers, we have put this guide together, compiling all of the relevant professional dog clipper reviews in one place, allowing you to find the best deals so that your dog stays neat and tidy. 

Best Cordless Dog Clippers - OMORC

Cordless is sometimes the best way to go, especially if you need to move around a lot or have a dog that can get quite restless when being clipped.

If this sounds like you, we might have the perfect pair of cordless clippers here for you. Take a moment to read the reviews below and see what you think.

The Good

This grooming kit comes with everything you need to get your pet looking fabulous in no time at all.

It has six attachments for the perfect cut, a cleaning brush, scissors, a comb, rechargeable batteries, and a power adaptor to make sure you can get started right away.

Once it has charged up for a few hours, it has 70 minutes of running time, which is more than enough for several grooming sessions.

You can also plug it into the mains if you want to use it as a corded model at any point, and it is also comfortable to hold as well as easy to handle when used.

It is really quiet with low levels of vibration so as not to cause your dog any distress or fear while they are being groomed. The blades are sharp, and you have the option to fine-tune them to suit the style and trim that you want for your dog.

The Not So Good

Some customers feel that the accessories provided could have been better quality – namely the scissors and comb. 

Our View

These cheap dog clippers come at a budget price that anyone can comfortably afford, allowing you to groom your dog without breaking the bank.

While there are some who feel that the accessories are lacking in terms of quality, primarily in the case of the comb and scissors, the clippers themselves work amazingly, and there has been a lot of good feedback for the add-ons too.

These clippers offer a versatile cut as well as a comfortable grip that will leave you able to groom your dog for hours on end. A superb choice for any dog owner on a budget. 

Best Cordless Dog Clippers – Pecute

Another set of cordless clippers, these could be just the ones to keep your dog’s coat under control throughout the year.

If you want a set of cordless clippers in your life for ease and a good quality finish, these might just be the ones for you. Read the reviews below to find out more about them. 

The Good

These clippers for dogs have a sleek and modern design in black, but are also really lightweight to make using them a whole lot easier.

The battery has a high-capacity, with over eight hours of battery life after a few hours on charge – giving you more than a few grooming sessions before it needs to be plugged in again.

It is also comfortable to hold and easy to handle thanks to the slim design.

While it is really powerful, helping deal with thick and curly fur, it is also quiet and has low levels of vibration so that your pet is not left feeling distressed or worried.

The low friction also reduces tugging on the skin for a more relaxed experience. There are four adjustable blades for a flexible cutting range, as well as two guide combs for precision, giving you the chance for perfection. 

The Not So Good

Some customers found that it did struggle a little with very thick fur that had not been groomed for a while. 

Our View

These affordable clippers can fit into most price brackets quite easily and offer you a lot of bang for your buck.

While there are some that found they had a hard time with very thick and ungroomed fur, the best thing to do is use scissors first for matted coats in order to get the best results. 

Otherwise, they make for the ideal grooming companion and have a whole host of adjustable features to make the grooming experience a better one for both you and your dog. 

Best Dog Clippers for Thick Hair – Enjoy Pet

Pets with thick fur can be a challenge, especially if they have matted coats that need a lot of TLC. 

If you have a dog in need of serious clipping, you might want to consider this set from Enjoy Pet to really tackle it head-on. Why not take a peek at the reviews below and see what you think of them?

The Good

These dog grooming clippers come in a great shade of purple and have everything you need to get started.

They come with five different blades, two pairs of scissors, a comb, cleaning brush, batteries, and a charger, so you are ready to get started from the moment they arrive.

It also features quiet running with low vibrations to give your dog as stress-free an experience as possible.

There are two adjustable speeds, giving you more power in the areas that need it most, and the battery can last four hours after being charged to keep you going longer.

The adjustable blades are ideal for tackling all lengths of hair, and the scissors can help to thin it out before you get to work. They also won’t overheat while you work, allowing you to really get the thickest hair with ease. 

The Not So Good

Some customers noted that the scissors are actually quite blunt, which was disappointing. 

Our View

These cheap clippers are the ideal ones to buy if you are on a budget but still want something that is good quality. While some have noted the scissors are quite blunt, it is possible to sharpen them up again, and the rest of the kit works excellently.

It comes with so much for the price that you will have everything you need to groom your dog well, and you can also relax knowing that they won’t have their skin tugged or irritated while you work. Overall, it makes for one of the best choices when it comes to tools for grooming your dog. 

Further Models of Dog Grooming Clippers 

Here are some further models of dog grooming clippers, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Master Clip Professional Shih Tzu Dog Clippers Set by Pet Grooming Clipper Trimmer Supplies

Another model from Master Clip, these clippers come at a reasonable price and are ideal for those with Shih Tzu’s or breeds with similar coats.

It comes with three sets of steel blades, each of which are made in Germany from high carbon steel. This means that it is a more robust and reliable model of clipper that is sure to withstand a lot.

They offer different lengths, allowing for more versatility and creative freedom when you go to groom your dog, and are also easy to attach to the main body of the clippers.

The two-speed motor is powerful, allowing for a good and clean cut, and the clippers themselves are actually very comfortable to hold.

They also come with a two-year warranty, giving you assurance when it comes to the quality. 

Andis Agc Super 2-Speed Professional Animal Clippers

These well-priced clippers come in a fantastic shade of purple and are sure to help you keep your dog’s coat under control.

It has two speeds so that you can adjust the way you work, and the ergonomic handle is incredibly comfortable to hold, which reduces fatigue and makes your task a much easier and more bearable one.

It comes with a number 10 blade for an even cut, although you can fit all A5 blades onto the main body if you purchase them separately.

It also runs quietly, ensuring that your dog is not distressed by the noise and that you can concentrate while you work.

The power is also superb, meaning that even the most matted coats can be dealt with swiftly, and the cool running means that you can keep clipping for longer without fear of overheating them. 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best professional dog clippers, and the professional dog clipper reviews have given you an idea of what your pet needs, and the best kind of clippers in order for you to get the job done.

It’s not always an easy, or cheap, task, but it is one that often needs to be done, and with the right tools you are in for a smooth ride. It’s always best to spend a little more to get quality, but also to ensure that your dog is being treated well and clipped in a way that doesn’t tug on their skin.

We have collected a wonderful selection of products for you, each of which you can compare to see which one is going to work best for you. Plus, there is a whole range of prices, because sometimes the best price leaves you with the best product. We know you’ll find something perfect here.

What did you think of our professional dog clipper guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.