Discover The Best GPS Dog Tracker – Never Loose Your Dog Again

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We love our dogs. Keeping them safe tends to be at the top of our priority list. Even the most perfectly trained dogs can have an off day where a squirrel or rabbit looks far more appealing than usual.

If something happens and our dogs are lost, being able to track them not only helps you find them faster but may also save them from running into busy roads. Using a GPS tracker for dogs will help prevent losing your dog.

Below, you will find everything from how they work and the different types, to our top picks to help keep your dog on your radar at all times. Let’s see if the best dog tracker for you is on our list.

1. Editors Pick

2. Budget Pick

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6 Best Dog Trackers (In Order)

Without further ado, you will find our favourite dog trackers below. Each of them has been carefully researched in order to bring you the best models, prices, and features in one neat little package. Keeping your dog safe has never been easier.

Tractive GPS Tracker

1. Tractive 2020 Edition

Editor’s Pick

Tractive is one of the best and most popular forms of GPS dog trackers on the market. They provide reliable tech that’s packed with exceptional features for a budget price.

What more could you want? It’s not too bulky on the collar, and can be paired with a smartphone app effortlessly so that you can see where your dog is and receive notification alerts.

Of course, it has a couple of minor flaws but nothing is perfect.


  • Size: 72x29x16mm
  • Weight: 30g
  • Battery Life: 2-5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: Yes
  • For Pets Over: 4.5kg
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Subscription Cost: Approx. £3.33pm
  • Activity Monitoring: Yes

Tracking  Device Capabilities

As a GPS dog tracker, you will find that you can pinpoint their location from anywhere in the world as long as you and the collar has a mobile signal. 

As a result, the location will be pinged to you on the app in real time so that you can find and retrieve your pet as quickly as possible. It does come with a subscription (approx. £3.33 per month), but it lasts for at least a year (depending on your chosen plan) and means that the hassle of finding and buying a SIM card yourself is removed.

The location history feature is also very handy. This allows you to see where your dog has been over a set period of time. So, you can look through past walks, see where your dog was when they went missing, and perhaps find a way to break your routine if you find yourself walking the same route each day.

It helps bring a little excitement back into each walk.


One of the great things about the Edition 2020 is that it has loads of fantastic features that you would expect to find in a more expensive model – such as the activity tracker, location history, and virtual fence. 

The waterproofing is fantastic for dogs that love to swim because while they are paddling, the tracker will keep working and sending their location.

It also benefits from an activity monitor. So you can keep an eye on their fitness levels. If you are feeling competitive, you can even compare it with your friend’s dog and see who can get the most done each day or week.

The challenge also helps you stay in shape as you dedicate more time to your dog.

The virtual fence is excellent in that you can set a designated area that your dog isn’t supposed to leave. If they decide to, you will get a notification on your phone to let you know what has happened so that you can go investigate.

It can help you to train them to stay within their set area, as well as ensure that they stay safe.

Battery Life and Charging

The rechargeable battery life is excellent, spanning 2-5 days depending on how much it is used in that time. If your dog goes missing, you have peace of mind that the collar is unlikely to run out of charge suddenly, giving you a little more time to find them. 

The charging period is also brilliant, taking only two hours to get back to full battery. Meaning you don’t need to wait long before you can get back out there and enjoy your walk.


  • Worldwide live tracking and history
  • Includes activity monitor feature
  • Excellent battery life


  • Excellent battery life
  • Only uses a 2G network
  • Only uses a 2G network

Weenect GPS Dog Tracker

2. Weenect Dogs 2

Best Dog Tracking Device for Iphone

The iPhone is not the most compatible device out there, so having a GPS pet tracker that you know will work with it is important.

Transforming your dog’s regular collar into a GPS collar is a simple task with this device, as it simply clips on and stays there securely while your dog is active.

It remains quite an affordable choice as well, with some fun little features that you may not see on the other models listed here.

Take a look and see if this smart collar is the one for you.


  • Size: 23x10x58mm
  • Weight: 27g
  • Battery Life: 2-4 days
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: No
  • For Pets Over: 3.5kg
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Subscription Cost: Approx £3.50pm
  • Activity Monitoring: No

Tracking Device Capabilities

There is no tracking distance with this model, which is part of what makes it such an excellent model. The GPS allows you to follow your dog from anywhere in the world completely unrestricted, so even if a dog sitter loses them while you are away you can connect to the app and see where your dog has run off to.

It will also update every minute, ensuring that you see the location in real time for the best chances of finding them quickly. It does have a subscription, but this is very affordable at around £3.50 per month, and also means that you have constant access to the GPS location.


It is missing some features like the activity tracker and virtual fence, but it does come with a handy training feature. In fact, this training aspect could be used to reinforce boundaries with your dog and create a virtual fence of your own.

There is a bell on the tracker that you can ring from the app, and you can use this to train them in any way you choose.

Some of the popular choices are for mealtimes, sitting, returning, and also for creating boundaries. Additionally, it is water resistant so that you don’t need to worry too much if your dog hops into the water for a quick swim.

There is also an anti-theft alarm that will notify you if someone tries to remove the collar; ensuring the safety of your dog at all times.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery will last between two and four days, all depending on how often the GPS is used and how regularly the dog is being tracked.

However, if they go missing and you can’t quite find them, you at least have some peace of mind in that the dog location tracker is less likely to run out of charge suddenly.

As for the charge period, it only takes two hours to fill the battery back up, so you won’t need much time between walks and journeys with your dog.

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  • No distance limit
  • Great training features
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Does have a subscription fee
  • No activity tracker
  • Only uses a 2G network
Pawfit GPS Tracker

3. Pawfit-S Dog

Best Premium Pick – Sleek, stylish, and excellent at tracking. The ideal model if you’re looking to splash out a little.

There is so much going for this pet tracker, and it’s got all the features you want as well as the ones you didn’t think about.

It’s a little closer to the premium price scale, but so worth the extra money for your dog’s safety.

As soon as it arrives, it already comes with everything you need to get started, and it can be attached to your dog’s collar securely; ready for their next walk.

With GPS tracking available at all times, losing your pet won’t be something you worry about.


  • Size: 56x40x24mm
  • Weight: 181g
  • Battery Life: 7-10 days
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: Yes
  • For Pets Over: 3.5kg
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Subscription Cost: Approx. £3.59pm
  • Activity Monitoring: Yes

Tracking Capabilities

The first thing to note about this model of dog tracker is that it comes with an embedded SIM. This means that you don’t need to worry about buying one yourself, and you can pay for the subscription through Pawfit instead of finding your own supplier – all for around £3.59 per month.

What’s more, the SIM has been programmed to work faultlessly throughout North America and Europe, so you can take your dog on adventures anywhere and feel safe doing so.

You use the dog tracker with an app on your phone, and it will update you with your dog’s location every five seconds. This means you’ll never be far behind if they end up going missing.

The collar also uses light and sound features as you get closer to your dog, allowing you to find them with ease at night or in forested areas.

The one-off positioning feature can also be used quickly when your pet first goes missing. It will give you their rough location while it works to pinpoint their exact one, giving you more time.

Paw Fit Tracker


The activity tracker is a fantastic way to keep on top of your dog’s health and fitness, and it will also show you if they are exercising enough.

There is also a virtual fence, which is fantastic if you want to ensure your dog stays in a predetermined area. If your dog leaves this space, you’ll get a notification so that you can check it out.

The temperature setting is an interesting one too. The tracker will ping your phone if things are getting too hot or cold for your dog, giving you time to get them into a warmer or cooler location. Additionally, there is an anti-dismantling alarm.

If someone tries to take the tracker and collar off your dog when they are out, an alert will be sent to your phone. This can help prevent theft and add an extra level of safety to your dog’s walks.

Battery Life and Charging

It has a brilliant battery life, lasting 7-10 days on standby or 4-5 when actively used to look for your dog. Therefore, if they decide to go for a wander, you don’t need to worry about the battery running out for a few days – leaving you with more time to track them down.

The rechargeable battery charges quickly too, taking only 2-3 hours to get back to 100%. It can also be charged via a USB port; ideal for when you are on the move or holidaying.


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Anti-dismantling alarm
  • Superb battery life


  • Does have a subscription fee
  • Only uses a 2G network
  • It is a little bulky on the collar
Atemos GPS Tracker

4. K 5 Dog Device with Atemos

Best Dog Tracker Without Subscription – Allowing you to keep an eye on your dog without the additional fees. A remarkable and reliable piece of tech.

The price might seem quite high (in fact very high)but when you take everything that the K 5 collar and Atemos tracker offer it’s actually pretty good.

Not only can it track multiple dogs, but it also has safety features – one of the best being the lights that you can activate if they head near a road.

The fact that you don’t need a subscription to use it is one of the shining benefits of this dog tracker.

It’s one of the best models we’ve seen, and a purchase you won’t soon regret.


  • Size: 89x44x47mm
  • Weight: 265g
  • Battery Life: 20-40 hours
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: Yes
  • For Pets Over: 15kg
  • Subscription: No
  • Activity Monitoring: No

Tracking Capabilities

You’ll find that this dog tracker can locate your dog from a distance of up to 10km away; an ideal range when you are out hiking together or enjoying the countryside.

What’s more, if you like to walk in groups, it is able to simultaneously track up to 20 dogs (or their handlers) at a time. All you need is for each dog to have a K 5 collar.

The tracker that comes with the collar is updated every five seconds, and while it does not need a subscription for you to use it, it does come with a one year sub to BirdsEye Satellite Imagery; providing you with better maps that you can use to track your dog.

It will show you the terrain surrounding your og, including things like roads, woodland, and water. Even in demanding environments, the signal manages to get through so that you can get your dog back quickly.


One of the best features that this model has is the LED light system. If you see your dog approaching a road on your tracker, you can activate the lights on their collar so that road users are able to see them.

You can also talk to them through the collar, allowing a well-trained dog to be guided back to you with simple commands – as well as offering reassurance if they ran away because they were spooked.

The handheld tracker has an emergency alarm that will alert other users in your chosen group to the fact that your dog is missing.

If it drops below 25% battery, the location will be sent out to others immediately so that they can start planning their route to you. This is called Rescue Mode, and it is especially handy if you feel your dog is in danger. As a side note, the touchscreen on the tracker can be used with gloves so your fingers don’t freeze in the winter.

It does have a virtual fence feature, and will alert you when your dog nears the boundary so that you are prepared to go and stop them from escaping.

Additionally, there is a really fun walking feature that will allow you to use the map on the tracker to plan your next route – you can even transfer it to your phone to look at later and conserve the tracker battery. It’s robust, waterproof, and ready for anything that your dog throws at you.

Battery Life and Charging

The long battery life is good when you consider all the features it comes with, and even if you don’t find your dog within a couple of hours you have nearly two days of battery to keep you going.

The recharge time is good as well, as you only need to wait 2-3hours before it is ready to go again. You can even charge it on the go with the provided USB cable for added convenience.


  • No Subscription
  • Great additional features
  • Exceptionally durable


  • The price is quite high
  • Shorter battery life
  • No activity monitor
Tractive XL edition

5. Tractive XL Edition

Best GPS Tracker for Large Dog Breeds – Bigger dogs need bigger trackers, and this is the perfect model for those with large or giant breeds.

Coming back to Tractive, there is a reason they are one of the market leaders for pet trackers.

This particular model was designed for large and giant breeds, allowing them to be comfortable while also ensuring you have a substantial device to keep tabs on them.

It’s especially handy if you have hounds that love nothing more than zooming after deer. There are a couple of flaws, but nothing is perfect.

This pet tracker is pretty close, however, and you are sure to find it gives you a lot of comforts when out on the trail.


  • Size: 80x49x29mm
  • Weight: 142g
  • Battery Life: 6 weeks
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: Yes
  • For Pets Over: 20kg
  • Activity Monitoring: No
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Subscription Cost: Approx. £3.33pm

Tracking Device Capabilities

As it uses GPS for tracking, you will need to pay a subscription fee in order to use it. The good news is that it is actually relatively small at roughly £3.33 per month, and will provide you with a good year of connectivity to help you keep an eye on your dog.

The results are sent to you live, allowing you to see exactly where they are at all times for faster retrieval.

It also works in over 150 countries, which means those that love to travel don’t need to worry if they want to bring their dog along. Plus, there is no range limit so you can see where your dog is from anywhere in the world as long as you have a mobile connection.

You can also check out their location history, which is great if you are searching for your dog or just want to see what your daily walk looks like on the map.


It’s got some great features, although it is missing the activity tracker that a few of the other Tractive tracker models have (like the Edition 2019 above). 

However, it does have the virtual fence. This is great because you can set a pre-determined area that you don’t want your dog to leave, and if they do you will be notified immediately.

This helps with training, but also mean you have better tabs on dogs who love nothing more than to escape. You can also share the location app with family and friends to keep a wider search radius.

The tracker is also waterproof and incredibly durable, which means no amount of swimming or playtime will see this model damaged.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery is one of the best that Tractive have, lasting up to six weeks before it needs to be charged again. This is perfect if you just can’t seem to catch up with your dog and need more than a few hours to get them home safe again.

Additionally, the charging time is only a couple of hours, which is perfect if you and your dog want to get back out there again quickly.


  • Perfect size and build for large breeds – lightweight
  • Live tracking and constant GPS
  • Incredible battery life


  • Does require a subscription
  • Only uses a 2G network
  • The minimum virtual fence area is a little large

Previously Featured Models – 

Tractive Hunter Edition

5. Tractive Hunter Edition

Best Dog GPS Tracker for Woods and Rural Locations – Ready for a walk in the countryside? Keep your dog in sight with this rural tracker.

Walks in the countryside and rural locations can be wonderful for both you and your pet.

We all need that fresh country air, and Tractive can help you keep an eye on your pet when you lose sight of them.

Whether off chasing a deer or distracted by exploring, you’ll always know where they are with this GPS tracker.

Made for the country, you don’t need to worry about lost signals due to trees and the outdoors; it will help you and your dog find each other again.


  • Size: 51x41x15mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Battery Life: 2-5 days
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Virtual Fence: Yes
  • For Pets Over: 4.5kg
  • Subscription: Yes
  • Subscription Cost: Approx. £3.33pm
  • Activity Monitoring: No

Tracking Capabilities

The GPS tracking here is superb, working seamlessly across both North America and Europe so that those who travel with their dogs don’t need to worry about the tracker not working in a new country.

You will receive real time tracker updates directly to the app on your phone, pinpointing your dog’s location accurately so that you can go and retrieve them quickly.

Unhindered by the growth of the country, it is the best tracker for rural areas. There is a subscription in order for you to be able to use it, but this is actually very affordable at around £3.33 per month and helps protect your pet.


Unlike some of the other Tractive models, this one doesn’t have an activity tracker. However, it does come with the virtual fence which ensures you are alerted when your dog leaves a pre-designated area.

While this area is quite large, it is a handy tool to have if your dog is prone to wandering and escaping the garden.

It is exceptionally durable as well, ensuring that it can survive anything your dog throws at it. It is also waterproof for all the swimmers out there, and if you like to take your dog on shooting trips it will remain securely attached to the collar even if they decide to run through the bushes.

It can be worn by any dog over 4.5kg, and can be attached to any collar for better flexibility.

Battery Life and Charging

The battery lasts a long time, with up to five days of tracking available if they go missing. While the hope is that you find them within a few hours, you at least have peace of mind if they keep escaping you.

The charging period is very good as well, as it only takes two hours for it to fill up again ready for the next adventure.


  • Doesn’t lose signal in rural areas
  • Perfect for pets over 4.5kg
  • Global location live tracking


  • Does have a monthly subscription
  • Only uses a 2G network
  • Virtual fence minimum distance is quite large

Types of Dog Tracker

There are actually three main types of GPS dog trackers on the UK market; each of which has its own set of pros and cons. Here’s a little more information on each of them.

GPS. This is the most effective form of tracking as it works constantly no matter where you are, as long as you have a mobile service. The signal from the GPS dog tracker collar bounces off the mobile towers so that you can see your pet’s location in real time. The only downside? It usually requires a monthly subscription.

Radio. This is a lot like a walkie talkie between you and your dog. Generally speaking, it only works in a 6-10 mile radius; which is its only flaw. The communication between your device and the collar is quite good, and the bonus is that no fees are usually required.

Bluetooth. This has the shortest range out of the three, and is also the cheapest. However, because of its small range, it also offers a lot less peace of mind when you are out and about. It’s a great choice if you’re on a budget and don’t want a subscription though.

Monthly Subscription vs Non-Subscription

It’s a difficult choice to make. After all, a subscription can be quite expensive but at the same time, it leaves you wondering if the free option is giving your pet the level of safety you want. Here is a quick list of differences to help you make the choice that is right for both you and your dog.

No Subscription: Advantages:

Wider Access. The free versions of pet trackers might not be able to stretch the same distance as the paid ones, but they can access more areas. As the paid versions tend to rely on mobile towers, they are usually linked to a single network. This means that if you visit another country or a poor signal area, the tracker may not work. The free one does not have this issue despite the shorter range.

Wilderness Friendly. Due to the fact that it is not limited by signal areas, it is much easier to take camping and hiking in areas with thick forests and vegetation.

Cheaper. This is the big factor; free models are a lot cheaper in the long run. All you need to do is pay the base fee for the tracker and nothing else.

Better battery life. Due to the fact it’s not using mobile signal constantly, these trackers tend to have better long battery life overall.

Subscription: Advantages:

Better Range. The subscription has a massive range because of its communication with mobile towers. This is far superior to the free options as they can usually only reach a few miles at most. Therefore, picking the subscription option means that if they run far away, you are more likely to locate them quickly. Additionally, you can use the app wherever there is mobile signal in order to keep an eye on them while you search.

All-Inclusive. While you do need to pay for a sub, you generally get the SIM card and monthly cost of running it included in the price. The average cost of a GPS dog tracker collar subscription is £3.50 a month, and considering that includes both the SIM and data use, it’s really not bad and saves you the hassle of finding your own provider (and your own is likely to be a lot more expensive).

Important Features to Look for

Before you go and buy your Gps dog tracker, there are some features that you should keep an eye out for.

  • Size.  There are some that are large and bulky, these are attached to the Gps dog tracker collar. Others are actually so small they take the form of an ID tag. The ID tag version can be more expensive, however.
  • Weight. Is it too heavy for your dog? This is an issue with the tracker that is built into the Gps dog tracker collar. For smaller dogs, in particular, it can weigh them down and become uncomfortable. For these little guys, the ID tag version is usually a lot better.
  • Battery Life. You want the battery to last a good amount of time. Many pet trackers will actually last a few days (the average being 2-5), but there are also some that last weeks. It really depends on the type of tracker you choose as well as your budget.
  • Waterproof? You will find that pretty much every pet tracker is waterproof, which is great peace of mind when the rain starts pouring in classic British style. Even if your dog decides to go for a swim it is likely to be protected, as many of them are waterproof in up to 10 feet of water.
  • Virtual Fence? The virtual fence is a safe area that you have designated using the tracker app (you’ll find instructions on how to do this in the manual). If your pet leaves this safe area, you will be notified via the tracker app so that you can go and retrieve them.
  • Subscription? This really is down to your personal preferences. In the section above, we went through the differences between the free and subscription models of pet tracker. In essence, the free models are cheaper in the long run and have a better battery life, but the paid ones have a much wider range if your pet goes missing.
  • Activity Monitoring. This is a fun one, and it helps you see how much exercise your dog has been getting. Are they spending enough time running outside Are they eating enough or too much?

Other Features

Here are a few of the other features that you may want to keep in mind while you are browsing through the options below. They aren’t necessary, per se, but they may still have an impact on your choices.

  • Temperature. An interesting feature, but also one that is useful in countries with polar opposite seasons, or for dogs who are not necessarily suited for their current climate. Think sausage dog in the Canadian winter. A tracker that has this feature will monitor their body temperature and let you know if they are getting too hot or too cold; allowing you to make preparations for that winter jumper or a quick stop in the shade.
  • Durability. Your dog tracker needs to be able to withstand the running, bounding, and playing that your pet enjoys every day. It will also need to be securely attached to the collar so that it doesn’t fall off during playtime, or potentially get caught on branches while they are frolicking.
  • 2G/3G/4G/5G. Most of the dog trackers that use mobile signal only use 2G. This is much slower than the 4G (possibly 5G, depending on location) signal that we are used to. Therefore, it could cause the location to lag and lead to inaccurate results. Where possible, invest in something that at least uses a 4G signal to improve the accuracy of the tracker.

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Dog Tracker GPS vs Microchip Implant

Here’s the main thing; microchips do not have GPS location. Every dog should have one though because it contains all of your contact information and your pet’s details.

Additionally, in countries like the UK, it is the law to have your pet chipped. They can only be implanted by a vet or a registered and licensed chipper, and it is important to ensure that the person carrying out the task is registered.

So, while microchips are fantastic for getting in touch with the owners of lost pets, they are not going to be able to track them.

It’s a common myth that you can implant a GPS tracker into your dog either inside or in addition to a microchip. It is important to realise this is completely false, and the only way you can track your dog is with an external device.

A microchip is also unable to connect to mobile devices and display information/location as it is completely incapable of GPS. Anyone who tries to sell you a GPS chip for your dog is scamming you.

A dog tracker is exactly what you need if you are worried about your dog escaping or getting lost. They are able to tell you where your pet is at all times and, depending on the type of tracker you have, will keep you updated in realtime no matter where you are.

The best thing is to have both a tracker and a microchip, because even if you know where your pet is you don’t know who will get to them first. Be safe, chip and track your dog.

Dog GPS TrackerMicrochip
Worn externallyID chip implanted in your dog
You can track your dog in realtime using GPSNot possible to track your dog in any way
You can find your pet alone without helpNeed to rely on others to find/scan your pet
Not a legal requirementLegal requirements in many countries



No, not all GPS trackers have monthly fees, with the main example of this being the Garmin K 5 we have listed above. The reason that most GPS dog trackers have fees is because they need a SIM card in order to work, and this will require you to open up a contract with a mobile provider so that you can activate and use the tracker.

Though most models featured in this guide come with a subscription plan instead of you needing to buy a separate SIM contract.


No, a GPS dog tracker doesn’t use a lot of data. In fact, you should find that it only uses around 5mb a day (approximately 30mb a month) with all of its features and functions activated.

Most GPS dog trackers will actually include data costs in your monthly subscription, so when you spend £3.50 or so each month, you are paying for the data and the SIM card that has been provided. All of the trackers we have listed include this bonus. However, there are some trackers out there that will require you to buy your own SIM.


A virtual fence for dogs is different from the ones used for livestock. For the latter, the collars control their movement so that they don’t go past specific boundaries. For dogs, the tracker will notify you (and anyone else added to the tracker by you) if your dog leaves your set boundaries. That way, you can go and retrieve them and ensure they are safe.


No, microchips and GPS trackers are not the same. A microchip is implanted in your dog and contains your contact details as well as information about your pet. It can be scanned when your pet is found so that you can be called.

Vets, councils, the dog warden, rescue centres, and registered microchippers will be able to scan the chip for you. A GPS tracker is attached externally to your dog’s collar and can be tracked using an app or another device so that you can see their location.


No, microchips do not have GPS functions, but you can find your dog if they get lost. A microchip only contains your contact information and details about your dog, and while this means that they cannot be tracked, it does mean that you can be contacted if they get lost.

They are usually scanned by either the vet, council, dog warden, a rescue centre, or a registered microchipper that is willing to come out and scan. Therefore, you can find your dog with a microchip – you just have to rely on others to find and scan them.


No, GPS trackers cannot be implanted in dogs. Only microchips can be implanted and these do not have GPS functionality.


Putting a GPS chip in a dog is not possible, so it costs nothing. If you decide to purchase a GPS tracker, however, the price tends to start at around £20 and can go upwards of £100.

To Conclude

We hope that this guide has been able to teach you more about dog trackers, the way they work, and the types that are available to you.

There are some fantastic dog trackers here, and whether you are looking for the best dog tracker for small dogs, or the ultimate GPS dog tracker with iPhone app, we have exactly what you need right here.

What did you think of our GPS dog tracker guide? Did it help you to find the best model, or are you still left wondering what the right choice is? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comment section below.