Best Dog Food for Urinary Health – UK Guide

For many dogs, urinary issues are actually fairly common – especially as they get older. From urinary infections and bladder stones to urinary crystals, there are several conditions that can leave them in discomfort. But how can their food help them to overcome it?

A good example is bladder and kidney stones, which are caused by specific minerals found in their food building up debris in their bladder or kidneys, which then leads to the stones. 

Dog food that’s specially designed to improve their urinary health and prevent things like mineral build-ups is how their food helps, and we have all the best food right here.

1. Editors Pick

2. Budget Pick

Key Things to Look for

Stop! It’s tempting to give this section a quick scroll. Still, it’s loaded with vital information that will help you make the right decision about your dog’s urinary health food. After all, you want to make the best choices for them and for you. 

Age. Even with urinary health, you need to ensure that the food you are providing is correct for their age. This is because of the difference in minerals and nutrients, which changes with the food just as your dog’s needs alter as they get older.

Digestible Fiber. This ingredient should be high-quality where possible as it helps to improve digestion but also the absorption of essential nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Many of these will be essential to good urinary health, and it keeps their bodies happy after eating. 

Natural Ingredients. It is ideal for you to ensure that your dog’s food only contains natural preservatives and flavouring. This isn’t just for their general health, but also to make sure that you are avoiding artificial ingredients that could further irritate their urinary conditions. 

Lower Protein. Dogs who are suffering from urinary conditions should be avoiding a high-protein diet. This is because too much protein can overwork their kidneys, worsening their urinary health and leading to extra vet visits in the future. 

Prescription Food. There are some cases where you dog will need prescription food over regular urinary health food. Usually, this is for chronic or severe urinary health conditions. Always check with your vet before you choose a new food to find the best course of action.

Hill's Prescription Diet Canine c/d Urinary Care

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine c/d Urinary Care

Editor’s Pick

This wet food is a delicious way to entice even fussy eaters into eating their dinner, and it has the added bonus of being packed with essential minerals and nutrients to help care for their urinary system. Expertly designed, it also reduces the risk of both struvite and calcium stones. 

It contains 10% protein as well as 8% fat and 2% ash. This is a great combination and ideal for dogs who are suffering from urinary conditions. The ingredients included are gentle on the digestive system, and it is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – perfect for the urinary system.

  • Key Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals
  • Texture: Wet
  • Type: Low-protein
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely, it is an excellent food for urinary health and highly recommended by vets.

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Wellness CORE Senior Dog Food

2. Wellness CORE Senior Dog Food

Budget Pick

This kibble has been specially made for senior pups, formulated to keep them happy and healthy in every way – especially with regards to their urinary system. It contains ingredients such as cranberries that are known to help prevent UTIs and maintain good urinary health. 

This food contains 22% protein as well as 12% fat and 8.5% ash, which is a good balance (although the ash content is a little high). It is also free from grains for better digestive care as well as supporting their joints and weight as they enter their twilight years.

  • Key Ingredients: Turkey, Chicken Meal, Peas, Dried Potatoes, Chickpeas
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Grain-free
  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable For: Urinary healthTurkey 29% (Fresh Turkey 17%, Turkey Meal 12%), Chicken Meal 16%, Peas, Dried Potatoes, Chickpeas

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This is a great food to choose if you are on a budget and looking for something that offers your dog excellent nutrition.

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Best for Struvite Stones

This kibble adds some crunch to your dog’s meal, but also helps them to fight off conditions such as UTIs and other urinary health issues. The controlled pH balance in the food promotes healthy urine and also helps to dissolve stones quickly to try and stop them from forming. 

It has a good protein content at 22% as well as 15% fat and 4.5% ash. The moderate protein levels in this food help to prevent mineral build-ups in the kidneys as well as ensure that they are not overworked. However, it remains a nutritionally balanced food for a healthy diet.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize Meal, Maize Gluten Meal, Rice, Dehydrated Poultry Protein, Wheat Flour
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Controlled pH
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This dry food isn’t just a tasty meal, it’s also packed with all the nutrients your dog needs to try and prevent UTIs as well as other urinary conditions.

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Royal Canin Veterinary Urinary SO LP

4. Royal Canin Veterinary Urinary SO LP

Best Wet Food for Stone Prevention

This is a delicious and nutritious wet food that has been specially designed to help dogs who suffer from kidney and bladder stones as well as other urinary health issues. Its careful mineral balance helps to dissolve the stones before they are allowed to form for comfortable urination. 

It contains 8% protein and 5% fat as well as 2% ash, which is a great balance for wet food. It comes recommended by vets and can even be used to battle bacterial cystitis. However, it is also usually a prescription food, so check with your vet before you feed this to them.

  • Key Ingredients: Meat and animal derivatives, cereals, oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, derivatives of vegetable origin
  • Texture: Wet
  • Type: Kidney and bladder stones
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a great food choice to make. It’s recommended by vets, packed with all the right minerals and nutrients, as well as a deliciously enticing meal.

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ROYAL CANIN Mini Urinary Care

5. ROYAL CANIN Mini Urinary Care

For Small Dogs

This is a fantastic dry food for small dogs who are battling urinary conditions. It has a carefully balanced mineral content, ensuring healthier urine and improved dissolution of stones and crystals before they can form fully. This keeps your dog comfortable and can reduce vet trips. 

It contains 27% protein, which is a little on the high side but also balanced out by Royal Canin. Additionally, there is 16% ash and 7% fat. You can also mix it with the wet food version for an even better treat, but you should speak with your vet before starting your dog on this food.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize flour, dehydrated poultry protein, animal fats, rice, hydrolysed animal proteins
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Small breeds
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a great food to buy. Made for small dogs, it balances the right nutrients for their size alongside the minerals and vitamins they need to try and prevent urinary conditions.

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Hill's Prescription Diet Canine k/d

6. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine k/d

Best Low Sodium Choice

Not only does this kibble come from a reputable brand, but it is also low in sodium to give the kidneys less work and help keep your dog’s urinary system as healthy as possible. 

It even helps to slow down kidney disease, and the lower protein levels ensure minimal stress on the kidneys. 

This particular kidney has 13% protein alongside 19% fat and 4% ash. The impact of this food can be spectacular, going so far as to boost their appetite and help them feel more energetic. The minerals are also able to assist with the dissolving of stones to make urination comfortable.

  • Key Ingredients: Pork liver, maize starch, chicken, animal fat, beet pulp
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Low sodium
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This is a fantastic food for dogs who are struggling with their kidneys and need something that will give them less work while also remaining nutritionally sound.

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Animonda Integra Protect

7. Animonda Integra Protect

Best for Renal Issues

This delicious dog food comes in both a wet and dry form so that you can choose one or mix them together.

Both are equally fantastic for helping to treat renal failure and keep your dogs happy and energetic. It’s also grain-free, making it gentle on the digestive system. 

It has excellent protein levels of 14% as well as 20% fat and 4.5% ash. They are rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids to promote a healthier urinary system.

While also containing the minerals needed to break down stones in the kidneys and bladder for a happier and comfier dog.

  • Key Ingredients: Potatoes, Poultry meat meal, beet pulp, beef, poultry protein hydrol
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Low protein, grain-free
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a great food choice to buy. It might not be the most popular brand, but it has a fantastic blend of ingredients to help the kidneys relax and also assist dogs with renal failure.

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Pooch & Mutt Move Easy Joint Care

8. Pooch & Mutt Move Easy Joint Care

Best Pick for Joints and Urinary Care

This dry kibble is hypoallergenic, which means it is gentle on your dog’s body to avoid allergic reactions as well as kind to the digestive system. However, it is also made with an excellent mineral balance that helps to ease urinary issues and try to prevent kidney or bladder stones. 

It contains 26% protein as well as 15% fat and 3.5% ash. It provides fantastic support for adult dogs, keeping them strong and healthy so that they can live long and happy lives. The mineral content and omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are fantastic for helping maintain the urinary system.

  • Key Ingredients: Salmon, Sweet Potato, Peas, Pea Protein, Beet Pulp
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Easy digestion
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Yes, this is a fantastic dog food that has been made not only to help your dog’s joints, but also to ensure that they have improved urinary health.

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Advance Urinary Dry Dog Food

9. Advance Urinary Dry Dog Food

Best for Kidney Support

This tasty dry food has a low pH level to help produce healthy urine and also ensure the food is gentle on the urinary system. As a result, it decreases the risk of urinary crystals but also helps to dissolve bladder and kidney stones so that they are less of a risk to your dog’s health. 

It contains 22% protein as well as 15% fat, and 8% ash. This food offers brilliant kidney support to ensure better function and less stress on these organs. The low magnesium levels assist this, also reducing the risk of struvite stones from forming so that your dog can urinate comfortably.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize, rice, dehydrated meat derivatives, wheat maize, eggs
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Urinary crystals
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Urinary health

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This dog food has the ability to care for multiple urinary conditions while also providing a balanced diet. Imported from Spain, it still makes an excellent choice for dogs.

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Hill's Prescription Diet Canine j/d Reduced Calorie

10. Hill’s Prescription Diet Canine j/d Reduced Calorie

For Chubby Pups with Arthritis

This kibble is the ideal dry food if you have a dog that is struggling with their weight and also suffers from arthritis. The added pressure on their joints can cause increased levels of pain as well as wear away the cartilage, causing the joints to rub painfully together during movement. 

It contains 21.8% protein, which is good for dry food, as well as 13% fat and 9% ash. The ash content here is a little high, but this is balanced out by the nutritional benefits of the food as well as its ability to help your dog reach a healthier weight that will benefit them in the long run.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize, wheat, brewers’ rice, whole flaxseed, soybean meal
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Low-fat
  • Life Stage: Senior
  • Suitable For: Arthritis

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This vet-approved food is perfect for pups who are struggling with their weight and need to lose a few pounds in order to tackle arthritis in an effective manner.

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What are the Most Common Urinary Health Issues and Their Symptoms?

There are several common urinary health issues in dogs. The most frequently seen are as follows (alongside some of the key symptoms):

  • Bladder/Kidney Stones or Crystals. Straining or signs of discomfort when urinating. Squatting for a prolonged period. Increased frequency of urination. Bloody urine. Stomach upsets, such as vomiting and loss of appetite. 
  • Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Colour changes in the urine, such as blood or cloudiness. Straining or discomfort when urinating. Frequent urination. Leaking. Excessive cleaning of the urinary opening.
  • Kidney Disease/Failure. Increased thirst and urination. Loss of appetite. Weight loss. Bad breath. Stomach issues, such as vomiting and diarrhoea. Sore mouth. Weakness and lethargy. Lack of energy. Change in the coat. Depression. Incontinence and loss of bladder control when sleeping. Leaking

Are Some Breeds More Likely to Suffer from Urinary Issues?

Smaller breeds of dog are more likely to suffer from urinary conditions, although it can depend on the condition itself. However, they are not exclusive to certain breeds or sizes, and any dog can contract them. It is best to always be watchful for urinary changes in your dog.

Why Does My Dog Keep Getting UTIs?

UTIs are caused by debris entering the urethra/urinary opening, which is why they are common in females who tend to squat when urinating. Additionally, if your dog has a compromised immune system, they are at a higher risk of infection, including UTIs.

Can Dogs Die from Urinary Conditions?

Yes, dogs can die from urinary conditions. It does depend on the condition in question with illnesses such as kidney failure leading to death. Most are very treatable as long as you seek veterinary care and continue with medication and a good diet.

Final Thoughts

Urinary health is an important issue and one that is not taken seriously enough when you consider how common it is among dogs. It can feel stressful to try and treat it, but the right food can go a long way with regards to keeping them healthy and boosting the urinary system. 

We have picked a great selection to help you find something that works for your dog, your budget, and their dietary needs. From Royal Canin’s prescription food and the vet-recommended Hills, all the way to Pooch and Mutt, urinary comfort is just around the corner. 

What are your thoughts on our guide to the best dog food for urinary health? Did you find something perfect for your pup, or are you still on the hunt for a beneficial meal? We love hearing your thoughts, so make sure you drop us a message in the comment section below.