Best Dog Food for Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are the worst. It’s awful for dogs to suffer from dry and itchy skin, paws that are constantly being bitten for some relief.

It causes your dog a great deal of discomfort, and it can be hard watching their fur fall out, or their skin bleeds from all the itching. But what if we told you that there was something you could do to help right now? 


That’s right, there is a way you can help your dog lead a more comfortable life with relief from their food allergies and the constant irritation they cause. The answer often lies in their dog food, and it can be as simple as finding the right one for them.

That’s why we have taken the time to gather the best dog food for skin allergies – helping your dog to lead a happier and comfier life.

1. Editors Pick

2. Budget Pick

Key Things to Look for

Stop! Don’t read any further until you have been through this section. Below, you will find everything you need to be keeping an eye out for when you buy food for your dog’s skin allergies. It’s an important segment and one that will make the selection process easier. 

Age. Even with skin allergies, you need to make sure that they are being fed the right dog food for their age. Puppy food is rich in fat and protein, causing stomach upsets and weight gain in older dogs that could be mistaken for an allergic reaction. Not to mention the nutritional differences. 

Grain/Wheat. A huge number of food allergies are caused by grains and wheat. It can lead to stomach upsets, bloating, excessive wind, and feelings of lethargy. Rice tends to be a good grain, however, settling stomachs and providing a gentle and delicious meal. 

Dairy Protein. These proteins often cause reactions, leading your dog to feel sick as well as causing itchy skin. Much like people, many dogs are lactose intolerant and can’t handle dairy proteins, so try and avoid this where possible.  

Protein Content. You want your dog food to be rich in protein as it is exceptionally good for them, but you also want them to have the right proteins so that they don’t suffer from a reaction. 

If you know what they are allergic to, this is easy to do, but if you don’t then you can either go through the process of elimination or stick with gentle proteins like fish. 

Get Your Dog Tested. The best thing to do is to take your dog to the vet so that you can get them tested. This means that you have a clear understanding of what they should be avoiding in their diet so that you can make an informed choice. The testing process is quick and easy, a lot like when a human goes to be allergy tested.

1. Barking Heads Hypoallergenic Trial

Editor’s Pick

This brilliant bundle comes with both wet and dry dog food, allowing you to mix things up and determine the flavours your dog loves and reacts best to. The wet dog food contains a wonderful balance of fat and protein, and both the wet and dry are completely free from grains. 

The dry dog food contains 22% protein as well as 15% fat and a relatively low ash level of 7%. What’s really good about this dry dog food is the fact that it contains omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which work to give the immune system some added strength as well as keep coats shiny.

Key Ingredients: Salmon, Sweet Potato, Dried Salmon, Peas, Potato
Texture: Wet/Dry
Type: Hypoallergenic, Grain-free, sensitive stomachs
Life Stage: Adult
Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. It’s a nutritiously rich dog food that provides them with a balanced meal which won’t cause allergic reactions and itchy skin.

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2. Skinner’s Field and Trial Hypoallergenic

Budget Pick

This crunchy kibble is made from sustainable Scottish salmon, meaning that buying it for your dog means you aren’t contributing to poor fishing practices. It’s completely hypoallergenic, which means your dog shouldn’t have any skin or stomach reactions when they eat it. 

It contains 20% protein in addition to low-fat levels of 12% and great ash content at 5.5%. Skinner’s are great in the sense that they don’t use any artificial ingredients in their dog food, meaning that your dog only gets the best natural ingredients for a rich and balanced diet.

  • Key Ingredients: Whole rice, salmon meal, naked oats, peas, sunflower oil
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Wheat and gluten-free
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For:  Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

You should buy this dog food because it’s not just affordable, but also kind to your dog’s body so that they can enjoy their meal without any reactions.

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3. Beco Complete Dry Food

Best Natural Choice

This natural dog food is loaded with MSC cod so that you know you are using sustainable fish that has been farmed humanely. Additionally, it is also packed with a healthy array of organic vegetables to boost nutrition and provide your dog with a diet that is both healthy and balanced. 

In addition to having a high meat content, it also has 22% protein alongside 10% fat and 3.5% ash – making this nutritionally complete and perfectly balanced for their health. It contains essential fish oils for the immune system and a shiny coat as well as promoting strong joints.

  • Key Ingredients: Freshly Prepared MSC Cod & Haddock, Potato, Peas, Chickpeas, Potato Protein
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Grain-free, organic, MSC certified 
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Skin Allergies 

Should You Buy it?

Yes, you should pick this dog food up. It’s completely natural, delicious, and packed with the nutrients your dog needs to lead a healthy life without food allergies.

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4. James Wellbeloved Duck and Rice

For Active Working Dogs

This nutritious dry dog food provides a complete meal that will leave them full and looking forward to every meal. The best part? It won’t cause stomach upsets or itchy skin as a result of food allergies and is loaded with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for a strong immune system and a healthy coat. 

It has a great protein content at 21% as well as 10% fat for those who need to keep their weight down, and 7% ash. It’s rich in nutrients and minerals, offering your working-dog the energy and support they need to get through the day. Not to mention the spectacular joint support provided.

  • Key Ingredients: Rice, duck meat meal, organic oats, whole linseed
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type: Hypoallergenic
  • Life Stage: Adults
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. It’s perfectly formulated for working dogs, providing them will all the energy they need to live an active and healthy lifestyle.

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5. Royal Canin Sensitivity Control

For Sensitive Pups

This is a delicious tinned wet dog food that dogs are sure to wolf down. It can be served alone or with dry dog food, making it versatile at mealtimes. Its hypoallergenic ingredients are not only great for pups with sensitive stomachs, but also skin allergies, so they are guaranteed comfort. 

The protein levels are 10%, which is great for wet dog food, and the fat is low at 7%. It contains gentle proteins that are not commonly found as food allergies to improve its sensitivities, and the fatty acids also work to help repair skin that has been damaged or torn as a result of past reactions.

  • Key Ingredients: Duck Meat, Rice, Fish Oil, Sunflower Oil, Cellulose Fibre
  • Texture: Wet
  • Type: Hypoallergenic
  • Life Stage:  Adult
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This dog food is vet-approved, and often recommended by them. It’s great for sensitive stomachs as well as skin allergies and conditions like eczema, making it a top choice.

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6. Forthglade Natural Wet Food

Best Natural Wet Food

This wet dog food doesn’t just have a high meat content, it’s also superb quality to ensure that your dog has the best possible ingredients to savour. It’s completely free from harmful grains and wheat, as well as containing nutritionally valuable vegetables for a complete and balanced diet. 

It contains just over 10% protein alongside 9.6% fat and 0.7% ash. Its gentle ingredients ensure a diet that won’t leave your dog itching or with stomach upsets. It provides your pup with plenty of energy as well, giving them the chance to run and play while also supporting healthy joints.

  • Key Ingredients: Lamb, Butternut Squash, Carrots, Peas, Minerals
  • Texture: Wet
  • Type: Grain-free, natural
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Yes, you should buy this hypoallergenic dog food. It is a delicious natural blend that uses high-quality ingredients to improve your dog’s health and life.

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7. Edgard and Cooper Venison and Duck

Best Grain-Free Pick

This kibble isn’t just delicious, it is also completely natural. It contains excellent quantities of meat as well as an array of vegetables that provide a wonderfully balanced diet that your dog will benefit from. Not to mention that it won’t cause stomach upsets or skin allergies to surface. 

The protein levels are an excellent 24% alongside 17% fat and 7% ash. Much of the fat is down to the omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, which improve the immune system and leave your dog with a shiny coat. The ingredients also promote healthy joint and muscle growth for better longevity.

  • Key Ingredients: Fresh duck, sweet potatoes, peas, pea protein, fresh venison
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Grain-free, Sensitive stomach
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Hypoallergenic

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. This hypoallergenic dog food is free from grains and also contains a low percentage of filler ingredients, which means your dog is getting the energy and nutrition they need without allergic reactions.

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8. Purina Proplan Hypoallergenic

For Pups with Itchy Skin

This hypoallergenic dry dog food makes a tasty meal that your dog is sure to love and gobble up every time it is served. It has been specially formulated for dogs who have skin allergies, providing them with a diet that is both balanced and will ease their suffering after each meal. 

It contains 21% protein as well as 10% fat and 5.5% ash, ensuring that your dog gets all the nutrients they need while also helping to control and maintain weight. It uses a single protein source to make it easier on the digestive tract as well as nutritionally sound vegetables.

  • Key Ingredients: Maize Starch, Hydrolysed Soya Protein, Minerals, Coconut Oil, Protein
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Hypoallergenic
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Definitely. It’s not just a trusted brand, but also one that has been recognised for relieving dogs of skin allergies and the awful itch that comes with it. A perfect choice for itchy pups.

Sample Buyer Review

9. Autarky Grain-Free Hypoallergenic Dog Food

Best Joint Care Pick

This crunchy kibble is for dogs who need hypoallergenic dog food that’s gentle on the digestive system as well as kind to their skin, relieving food allergies thanks to its hypoallergenic ingredients. It’s been designed to ensure that your dog’s weight is controlled, helping prevent them from getting chunky.

It contains 27% protein as well as 14% fat, alongside 8% ash. Its nutritional value is superb, meaning that your dog gets a nutritionally balanced diet. Made to support the healthy maintenance of joints and muscles, you can watch as your dog finds new life and energy.

  • Key Ingredients: Turkey, potato, pea starch, sweet potato, chicken fat
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Hypoallergenic, grain free
  • Life Stage: Adult
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Yes, you should buy this hypoallergenic dog food. It hasn’t just been made to keep their joints in good condition, it’s also hypoallergenic to care for their health and skin.

Sample Buyer Review

10. Gilbertson and Page Hypoallergenic

For Active Dogs with Allergies

This hypoallergenic dog food has been formulated especially for active and working dogs, providing them with the energy and nutrition they need to perform their daily tasks. Even better is the fact that this kibble is ideal for both adults and senior dogs, packing great nutritional value. 

It contains 21% protein as well as 10% fat, keeping them lean without depriving them of the calories they need to stay in shape. It supports their bones, joints, and muscles, ensuring a fit and healthy body that will keep them going for longer, all without potential allergic reactions.

  • Key Ingredients: Chicken, oats, barley, chicken fat
  • Texture: Dry
  • Type:  Hypoallergenic, gluten-free
  • Life Stage: Adult/Senior
  • Suitable For: Skin allergies

Should You Buy it?

Absolutely. This hypoallergenic dog food provides adults and seniors alike with the energy and support they need to get through each day. At the same time, it also helps prevent skin allergies and stomach upsets.

Sample Buyer Review


What Dog Food Causes Skin Allergies in Dogs?

There are several foods that can cause skin allergies in dogs. Some of the most common are grains and wheat, beef, lamb, chicken, chicken eggs, soy, and the proteins found in dairy products. It should be noted that dogs are often allergic to more than one thing.

What Can I Feed My Dog with Skin Problems?

Sticking to hypoallergenic dog food that’s free from grains and gluten is a great place to start. High levels of protein are also beneficial to their health and shouldn’t trigger a reaction – especially if you stay away from any protein allergens that your dog has.

Does Coconut Oil Help Dogs with Skin Allergies?

Yes, coconut oil does help dogs with skin allergies. It is cooling and soothing, even helping to promote the growth of air as well as helping to ease feeling of itchiness – which means a lot less scratching and biting.

How Can I Soothe My Dog’s Skin Allergies

You can soothe your dog’s skin allergies with a cooling spray of water and apple cider vinegar. To ensure that vinegar doesn’t get into any open wounds and cause them to sting or burn, use an equal 50-50 solution. This will leave them feeling more refreshed without causing any discomfort.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best dog food for skin allergies is not always the easiest task, and we know what the struggle is like. This is why we have gathered an extensive list of the best dog food for skin allergies. 

We have a really nice selection of wet and dry dog foods for you to enjoy, all of which come in a range of prices so that you can find something both delicious and affordable for your pup. While we strongly recommend every hypoallergenic dog food in this guide, our favourites are Barking Heads, Beco, and Skinners – all great dog foods that will help ease your dog’s skin. 

What did you think of our guide to the best dog food for skin allergies? Were you able to find something that made life easier for your dog, or are you still left with questions? We love hearing from you, so leave us a message in the comments below.