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DogOwner.co.uk is the perfect place for dog lovers to come and find something new for their pet or get valuable dog ownership information. 

We specialise in everything dog, from toys and treats, to new collars. In our health section we cover things like what your dog should and shouldn't eat.

We even take a look at various pet insurance companies to help you find the best deals and coverage for your fluffy family member. Covering playtime and training alike, everything your dog needs is right here.

We have a hardworking team of dog lovers that are completely dedicated to finding you the latest and best products on the market. Hours of research goes into each one that that you are left with only the best to choose from. On our website, you will find a whole range of written guides to go through, and these include things like Best of, Informational, and How-To pieces.

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Meet The Team

Adrienne Hardwick

Adrienne - Chief Editor

Dog owner and lover, there is nothing more important in her life than her dogs. With years of ownership and training under her belt, she is all about bringing you the best dog products and latest news to help you keep them safe, happy, and healthy. 

Jeff - Dog Trainer/Expert 

Training your dog is not always easy, but having the best advice from an expert certainly helps. A former dog walker, he knows all about keeping things under control, and Ryan has dedicated his life to helping owners train their dogs so that they are well-behaved and can run around safely on walks. 

Jeff Headshot
Mel Headshot

Mel - Marketing Manager

Here to keep things running and bring you the latest doggy news, Mel is one of our biggest animal lovers. He and his dog enjoy long walks and evening runs. 

Carly - Front End Development

Carly is the one that makes the website look incredible and always has new content uploaded quickly. A fashion lover to the core, she adores some of the accessories we find for pooches. 

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Calum Headshot

Calum - Product Research

Checking the quality of every product he can find, Calum is the man behind the shortlisted products you see in our guides. He is passionate about finding items that will last and do what they say they will, so you get exactly what you expect.