About Jeff Carbridge


Training your dog is not always easy, but having the best advice from an expert certainly helps. A former dog walker, Jeff knows all about keeping things under control, and has dedicated his life to helping owners train their dogs so that they are well-behaved and can run around safely on walks.

Adrienne Hardwick


In 1998, I left school and slipped into a standard 9-5 office job. In a word, it was fine, but it didn’t give my life meaning or motivate me to be a better person. In short, it wasn’t my calling in life. So, I did what any young person does - I bought a plane ticket and went to live in New York for two years.

After two years spent soul-searching, I found my purpose - dogs. I’ve always loved them and wanted to learn more about the way they behave, so when I made it back to the UK I started my own dog walking business while studying animal behaviour at university.

By the time 2010 rolled around, I had my MSc in animal behaviour and a good client list for walking and dog training to keep me going. Walking dogs was freeing, training them and helping their owners to better understand them gave me purpose.

When Dog Owner found me, I knew it would be a great way to spread my knowledge and help an even wider client list. Of course, I’ve never stopped walking and training, but now I have the chance to write detailed guides that help you to better understand your furry friend. Writing about dogs and hanging out with dogs all day, what could be better?