About Adrienne Hardwick

Adrienne Hardwick

Dog owner and lover, there is nothing more important in her life than her dogs. With years of ownership and training under her belt, Adrienne is all about bringing you the best dog products and latest news to help you keep them safe, happy, and healthy.



Writing has always been part of me. I’ve known it’s what I wanted to do since childhood. In my teenage years, I created my own video game review website with friends and we had a few years of great success with it. I think that’s when I truly realised that writing was made for me.

After getting my degree in Ancient, Classical, and Medieval Studies with Archaeology in 2012, I realised that I was tired of working in retail and wanted to do something that made me feel alive. Of course, it was writing, and I found the perfect place back in 2016.

My natural love for every dog that has ever lived made me the perfect fit for Dog Owner. It allows me to bring readers the latest news and information as well as help them learn more about the world of canines through my excellent and experienced colleagues.